Table foods?

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Table foods?

Is anyone else not eating table foods yet? Sean moved up to stage two baby food at about six months but he's not eating anything beyond that. We've tried a few times and he's choked. And we tried stage three baby food and he choked on that. Is there anything else I can do to encourage swallowing slightly more than purreed foods?

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Kellen doesnt really like baby foods. He doesnt have teeth yet, but have found that he does well with the puffs, wheels, and other snacks made for babies that disolve faster so are good for learning to eat/feed themselves. All of my kids have skipped stage 3 baby food and gone straight to more table food type stuff

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We do baby led weaning. Zoe just started showing real interest in actually eating and swallowing solids last week! She gets something on her tray 1-2 times a day at mealtimes. She loves red bell peppers, butternut squash, homemade bread (I don't give her our store stuff since it may contain dairy and she's still sensitive), scrambled eggs, and boiled potatoes. She literally one day was pitching food over the side and spitting it all out and the next picking it up, chewing it, and swallowing it. Food before one IS just for fun. Most kids get interested and figure it out by 14 months. Smile

Do know there's a big difference between gagging and chocking. Gagging at first is totally normal, though scary! It's okay to hold back solids for longer if this is every single time. He may just not ready just yet. Most kids have a much easier time when they're able to feed themselves than when it's on a spoon! We do bring organic puffs with us when we're eating out for Zoe and she really likes them.