Taking baby out

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Taking baby out

With DS1 I was so cautious and I don't think he left the house for 4 weeks. I can't really remember what we did with the others. I was just thinking about the black Friday sales and wondering of it would be wise to take her out in those crowds (if she's here by then). I thought I would wear her and then people wouldn't be touching her or breathing on her. I worry with it being flu season and all. What do you think?

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We were the same with our DS1 - didn't go anywhere but to see family in town during the first month or so. The pediatrician we saw in the hospital scared the mess out of me (but it was also the fall/winter of H1N1 flu...). With DS2 (born in late Sept.) we had him out and about almost right away after I was recovered and ready to be out and about myself. With this one, I think we'll see how it goes. I hope to get out for shopping and stuff, but might not mess with Black Friday sales if I can avoid it. I don't usually go to them anyway since I don't like the crowds and chaos. I agree with you about wearing baby. It will keep people's hands away more! I just got an Ergo from a consignment shop and am beyond excited about the upgrade to my baby carrier this time. Will still use my slings, too Smile

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I am sure we will go out less than usual, but I still plan to do things like go shopping, pick DS up from school, etc. I plan to wear this baby too. I think it really does minimize the touching and germs. Plus I plan to get one of the huge bottles of hand sanitizers for my guests to use when they come to see the baby. I am not really a germ phobe and I don't remember worrying about DS too much. They told me nursing him should minimize his chances of getting sick, but I also had him in the summer time, not right in the middle of flu season...

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I won't do Black Friday here. Well, maybe in the late afternoon if she's been around for a week or more, depending on ads. Much smaller crowds and like you said, be in a carrier anyways! My son was a November baby, but we lived out in the middle of no where so there was no Black Friday around. However, I had to go back to driving and running errands a week after he was born (yes, even with a c/s - no family, no friends, and husband was on 12 hour min shifts). I figured he was fine as long as he was in a carrier facing me. I may have gotten weird looks for wearing, but no one touched him. Wink Between BFing and BWing I didn't really stress him getting sick. He did get a minor cold at 8 weeks, but I have no doubt that it was from his baptism - the one time I couldn't wear him and keep people at bay! I'm not too paranoid about germs though. There will be a toddler in my house with a newborn - hello germs!

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Shopping is going to depend on wee dude's arrival,. He will have plenty of germ exposure with both of his big brothers in school, his cousins who we see often that go to a sitter, and just life in general. I agree that being and bfing will help. I also plan on having sanitizer and lots of hand washing with the kids and other people... But in the end, theres only so much you can do. Luckly ive already had my flu shot, and I plan on calling and getting the kids and Dh in for theirs asap. Of course im going to ask that if people have any symptoms of anything that they dont come and see us, but, again, theres only so much that you can do Wink

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I don't live in a place that has any real Black Friday stuff and I won't be delivering in a place that does either, that being said I really hate shopping so I wouldn't go anyway LOL. I think I will take the baby out as soon as I feel up to it. Kostas will be tracking in Kindergarten germs anyway so there is only so much I can do...

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We'll be battling kindergarten germs but I might still be less than a week away from having a baby.... Good and bad. People will be nicer but I'll have to pee every two minutes in line so I'm thinking online shopping this year. I signed up on blackfridaydeals.com or some such thing and I can see the ads ahead of time so I'll make my list and most places will have free shipping if you buy a certain amount (ie for Kohls its $75)... Yes I'll be the crazy one on the computer at 3 a.m, but If I am pregnant, I'll be an insomniac and if I'm not pregnant I'll be up feeding the baby anyways...

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I've never shopped a black Friday sale. I hate crowds so we just skip them. With my other kids they were both summer babies so we had them out right away. We'll probably stay a little closer to home this time, but with DS in kindergarten I'm sure plenty of germs are going to be brought home anyway.

I'll have to start driving to appointments and kids drop off after a week, so we'll be out and about then.

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I think I might skip BF this year- normally I LOooOOOOve it! But I know I'll be tired!! And there's never really any deals that are THAT great, plus most stores here have a sale the next day too, so I MIGHT venture out laterin the day/morning (instead of my usual 3am standing in lines)
BUT this Xmas we plan to be pretty low-key... Already have some presents for people and not gonna go crazy for the kids- Also plan on getting newborn/xmas photos of the kids after this one is born and going to just "gift" all of the photos, maybe make some mugs/calendars/personalized things online and call it good!!!