Telling the other kiddos

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Telling the other kiddos

My kids are 11 and 6. And I am trying to hold off until 12 weeks to tell them they are having a little sibling coming. for those of you with other kids, when did you tell your kids you were pg? DS was 3 when I was pg with DD and we just didn't say anything. He has a learning comprehension disorder so at that time he would have never understood. He wasn't even talking by then. Now that he is 11 I think he will understand it. I've hinted to DD asking if she'd ever like a sister or brother and she flat out says no cause she is the baby. LOl! When did you tell them?

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Well, my kid won't care. Lol But I'm 10.5 years older than my sister. My parents told me about her when I got concerned about how long my mom had been sick. Wink

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Last time I told them the day of the 1st ultrasound (because they had to go with me!). I am hoping to do the same this time. My first u/s is next friday. They are all at grandma's right now though, because of my youngest's surgery, so it's easy to keep it a secret. When they get home Saturday night my oldest two may recognize the belly and the morning sickness and figure it out, so we'll see!

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We decided to tell DD right away. We figured that if I miscarried she would need to know why we were so upset, so we decided it would be best to just be upfront with her right away. Basically, we told her, "Mama has a baby in her tummy, and we don't know yet whether it's going to come live with us or live with God, but we're going to take care of it while it's here."

I don't know, this is all new territory for us. Hopefully we made the right decision! Smile

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We told the kids already. They are very excited!! My son wants another girl so that he is the only boy and the girls want a boy!

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My teenage nephew blurted it out to my kids, lol. We were going to tell them anyways, since I don't seem to be escaping m/s. when I was pg with my second, my oldest had just turned one, so we never really explained anything to her, lol!

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My oldest was 2 when I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd. Told him right away that there was a baby in my belly. He loved talking to my belly, giving it kisses. Then, with my 3rd, he was 3, and my 2nd was just about 10 months. We told them right away. My oldest was sure from the beggining that she was a girl... that she would be our princess lol. I told the kids the morning after I went to the dr. to get it confirmed. My oldest is 5 now, and definitly gets it even more. We told him not to tell anyone. We also warned him that some babies are meant to be angels, and not here on with us. that until we are sure that the baby is growing and growing, that he needs to keep it a secret. My 2nd calls the baby "baby rarr", and my daughter has already started searching my belly button for the baby lol.

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We told the older boys(11 and 9) at 5 weeks. They knew about our previous losses and we felt they could handle it. They were so sweet and said they would pray for the baby. DS4 went to my doc appt with us so he kind of figured it out when they did the u/s. We offically told them all when we saw the heartbeat.

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We're going to keep it a secret from family and friends until I'm showing. I'll wait to tell my daughters then too because I know they can't keep a secret.

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We told the kids right away so they wont jump on me and they can be careful around me. My daughter who is 8 has been praying for more siblings. They are super excited but they know things happen since I have been through 3 m/c's