Thankful Thursday

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Thankful Thursday

What are you thankful for today?


My kids. Even though they can drive me bonkers, they also bring so much joy, laughter, and light to my life. DD amazes me every day with the things shes saying. DS2 is such a little charecter, and has been super loving lately... just coming up, giving me or my belly kisses, and a hug. DS1 is doing GREAT in school. His teacher has nothing but praise for his behavior, and how well hes doing at the academics. All in all, I am one lucky mamma :love1::cloud9:

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I'm thankful that my husband does have a job even if it's completely stressing me out currently! It means pay that keeps a good roof over our heads, allows me to stay at home, and more. I'm thankful for Tricare that the job brings because this baby will only cost us $200 or less (I'm on standard too!).
I'm soooo thankful for my son. When we have our bad days I just have to remind myself of the 3 years it took us to conceive him and how many nights I cried and prayed for him. He is a miracle! And now to be expecting another so quickly? Truly blessed over here! I'm extremely thankful that I'm not on bed rest or having issues that others are having.

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I was so happy to sign on and see this since after a tough afternoon and evening yesterday, I am feeling especially thankful today!!

To echo what you girls have already said - I'm so thankful for my kids today. Yesterday, I was overwhelmed and stressed from work, trying to fit everything in, kids not listening or following any direction, and just being tired and extremely uncomfortable. I just started crying which I never do in front of the kids, and my almost 4 year old went in the cabinet, got my favorite cup, filled it with ice water, and brought it to me. It was such a sweet, simple gesture, and makes me smile just thinking of it again Smile

I am also thankful that no matter what happens with my job after my maternity leave that I know we'll be okay since DH has a great job and works hard to be so successful at it.

I'm thankful for the cooler weather we're having in our area - it's lovely and I can even open the windows at night and in the mornings now!

Even though my job stresses me out (especially lately), I am thankful to have one, and especially one that allows me to take and pick up my kids from preschool, pays well, and gives me a lot of flexibility.

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I am thankful for my sweet boy (Kostas) who can be so sweet to me and loves Cricket so much.

I am particularly thankful today that I get to take an extended maternity leave to enjoy my baby and still have my classroom when I come back. (Exhausting day in my classroom today...)

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I am thankful that Sammy's PDA is really tiny and almost closed again. I am thankful that despite that PDA and breathing issues he is healthy and growing.

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I am thankful that I have had no complications with this pregnancy and that my baby boy seems to be in very good health. I am thankful that I am finally able to relax and enjoy my pregnancy despite all the uncomfortable symptoms.

I am thankful that it's almost Fall and the season will change soon which will bring cooler weather and bring me one step closer to having this little baby.

I'm thankful for my DH & DS and the constant love they have been giving me throughout this pregnancy even when I am cranky, tired, and less than patient with them.