Thanks! Here's what's coming soon! Weigh in!

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Thanks! Here's what's coming soon! Weigh in!

Thanks to everyone that participated in our challenge and joined our efforts to raise awareness for spina bifida! If you didn't get a chance, there is still time! Read our article "Types of Spina Bifida." Add your feedback in the comment section! We want to know if this is a topic your medical caregiver has talked with you about. What recommendations did you receive (i.e. prenatals, folic acid, testing, etc. ?) Finally, share the link with three friends (onsite or off!) and encourage them to join the discussion!

Folic acid plays such an important role in reducing your risk of birth defects such as spina bifida! While trying to conceive, have you added folic acid to your diet? Do you wait until you've received that BFP (or later?) Watch for our upcoming article to help give your baby the healthiest start possible!