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    Default Therapeutic Thursday

    With the stresses of pregnancy, and life in general, what are you doing to relax and take care of you?
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    Last night I made DH rub my shoulders and back. I have been making him do that a lot lately.
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    I take a shower and just let the hot water relax me! I cant take a bath yet as far as I know so I just like to stand in the shower where no one can bother me for a while! And if I am having a really stressful day its nice to be able to cry it out for a while when no one can see me
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    I haven't really seen DH since August 1st...he is still training for his new job. So, since he can't help me relax, I default to sewing. Every naptime, bedtime, or quiet moment you will find me in my sewing room. I'm hoping to make all of the baby's far I've made 11 soft knit outfits, 2 quilts, 2 blankets, and six burp rags! Ha! We might have to do laundry everyday, but it makes me SO happy to see these teeny little outfits churning out of my machine! I have plans to make much more, but I'm getting more and more tired everyday and less motivated to sew!
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    Aside from seeing Sammy this weekend I am having a jammie weekend with my other two guys at home
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    Ummmmm.....nothing really. Last Saturday DH got DS for 5 hours while I went to an ICAN/VBAC meeting an hour away. Felt like heaven. I honestly can't remember the last time I was separated from DS for that long.
    I don't get to shower by myself. My husband works 12-15 hour days 5 days a week, goes in a 6th day for 4-6 hours, and next month may be going in on Saturdays too for 8-10 hours. No family here. Just now making friends. So ummm....not really sure what relaxing is.

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    i watch seasons of Frasier! I started at season 1, i'm on season 3! i swear it makes me laugh and relaxes me - i really enjoy it.

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    I went last week to get a pedicure - I was having such swelling in my feet and ankles, especially my left one, and DH isn't big into foot massages, so I went! It was great and reduced the swelling by that same afternoon! They told me that they offer just foot massages, too, so I think I'm going to go for those when the swelling gets bad again, and then one last pedi before the baby comes hopefully!

    I also love to stand in the shower when I have time to do it. That is soothing to me, and I agree that it's a great time and place to just let go after a bad day!!
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