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I'm just wondering if it's possible to get thrush during pregnancy. I looked it up online, but they only talk about mouth and vaginal thrush. Whatever I have is in my breast.

Since Wednesday, my right breast has been very itchy, and late yesterday it started hurting. Today the shooting pain has been more than just annoying. It feels like it did when DD and I had thrush for about 3 months. But is that even possible? How on earth could I get a yeast infection when I don't have a nursling?

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It could be possible. Since you're not BFing currently, why not try some OTC cream to see if it helps? Have you been on any antibiotics or anything?
Any red streaks or fever? (I do know that it's very possible to get mastitis even if you never BF.)

And 3 months of thrush with your DD?! YIKES. Sad

And of course the always "talk to your provider" added at the end. lol

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I agree with PP, also probiotics may help. I did a whole concoction of stuff that a friend gave me (cant remember what all it was called right now, I can ask her if you are interested in going that route) when I had it with DS1 and it was gone with in 2 days Smile

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No red streaks or fever, and also no lumps. I've never had mastitis, but I don't really suspect that. It feels exactly like it felt when DD was little. I haven't been on antibiotics, though, so it's really puzzling. I had abx during labor with DD, which is almost certainly how I got it that time, but this time...? No idea. I am prone to fungal infections of the skin - I get ring worm and athlete's foot more often than most - so I guess I have to include thrush in that now. :annoyed: I just hope I'm not GBS positive this time around. I really don't want to deal with another bout of thrush with a newborn!

Yes, three months of thrush. >_

I'll try the OTC cream since I have some. It worked better than anything with DD. I was shocked that the pediatrician said I could use it, but online sources said the same and it really worked. I could tell, any time I let up on the cream it would come right back. If that doesn't work, I'll be asking for your concoction for sure. Smile

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