Tips to deal with morning sickness?

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Tips to deal with morning sickness?

With my DS I had no morning sickness but tons of heartburn, with this little bean it looks like I've got all day sickness! I have yet to actually throw up but it's really curbed my appetite and made me super sensitive to smells. Any tips that have helped you now or with previous pregnancies to deal with nausea?

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I had bad m/s with all my pregnancies. I got various prescriptions from my ob for it. But this time (#6), I tried Ginger root. Some of the info I read said it could increase chances of miscarrying, but after searching and searching it seems most sources (plus my ob, and my chiropractor) say that up to 1000mg per day is safe. I've been taking 250mg 4 times every day, and it helps a ton most days. I still have some rough days where I can't keep anything down, but they are rare now. I hope you find some relief soon!!

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With DS#1 I found that blue Gatorade helped me. With DS#2 I had 24/7 sickness. With him I found that Mint helped... especially mint shakes. Also, I ended up on meds. With DD I found that the tangerine preggy pops did the trick. Lucky for me my MS has gotten shorter and shorter. With DS#1 it started at 8 weeks, was every morning till around 20 weeks, then it went to every other day, then by the end it was just once a week. With DS#2 it started at 6 weeks and was 24/7. It lasted till 15 weeks, and then was gone for good. With DD it started at 6 weeks, was just in the morning, and was gone by 12 or 13 weeks. I am really hoping to avoid it all together this time... so far I get queezy every now and then, but for the most part I'm ok... we'll see what the next couple of weeks brings Wink

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I just bought preggie pop drops and they actually help. suprisingly
I also bought motion sickness bands
Basically eating small, bland meals all day long seems to help a little
The rest of the time- i just gotta get through the day!