Today is my due date!

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Today is my due date!

looks like i'll be going past my due date, unless i start labor today and it progresses quickly, i have no indication of labor yet.

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Will be thinking of you! Maybe your labor will start out of nowhere like mine did!

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Welcome to the club! Lol
EDD is just an estimate, so it's all good. Smile

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Happy EDD! I wouldn't worry yet, you have time Smile

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good luck with everything! i think you are the only first time mom on here? i could be totally wrong...(someone correct me) anyway, we are all rooting for you!

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Can't wait to hear that you're in labor! Hope she comes soon!

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nope. I'm a FTM too (I have a step daughter but soooooooo not the same)

Let's hope baby makes an appearance soon Riss!