Today's Appt....

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Today's Appt....

So I finally have started my weight gain! I had only gained 3 lbs as of my last appt, but when I went today I was up 6 lbs!! Woo hoo!! Only one more 4 week appt and then we are going every 2 weeks!! OMG where has the time gone?? Doing my GD test next appt and will be calling to schedule another u/s tom to check on my low lying placenta! Crossing my fingers that it has moved up so there will be no risk during labor!! I cant believe that I am 25 + weeks now and I feel like just yesterday I found out I was preggo! Glad to have a good appt and be gaining some weight! Now lets hope I can keep it up!!

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Yay for a good appt! Hope your placenta has moved up!

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Sounds good! Hopefully your placenta has moved itself upward. Biggrin

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Sounds like your appointment went great! I hope the ultrasound finds that your placenta did move up.

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Congrats on a good appointment. I'm in the same boat as you, next appointment is my last 4 week then every 2...ahhh I can't believe it!

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yay. glad everything is going well Smile

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Yay for a good appointment!!