Tomorrow is my EDD and.....

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Tomorrow is my EDD and.....

So tomorrow is my EDD and I'm getting induced bright and early at 6:30am! At my appointment today I was 3cm (almost 4cm) and 75% effaced - when I went into labor with DS1 I was exactly this but the only difference was that I was contracting on my own. I'm nervous but thinking back it really won't be so different than my delivery with DS1 because I was progressed the same amount when they admitted me and ended up slowing down so they had to put me on pitocin and break my water anyway. I can't believe he'll be here tomorrow!!

I'm only a little sad because there is a flu lock down at my hospital which means NO kids under 12 at all. So I won't get to see DS and he won't get to meet the new baby until at least Wed or Thurs. Sad I'll miss my kiddo so much.

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yay!!! can't wait to see pictures, wishing you a quick and easy delivery!

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Yay!!! Cant wait to hear all about it and to see pics of Carson Smile Im sure it will go fast. Sorry about the flu lock down. Take your time at the hospital to get as much rest as you can, and Im sure it will go fast Biggrin

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Am I going to be the only one still pregnant???? Geee ladies! Tomorrow is my EDD too... I will be pregnant til December 7th, at least! lol sorry just complaining..

GOOD LUCK though!! Sooo exciting!!!

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Good luck tomorrow!!!!! Hoping your labor goes well!

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I'm right there with you Lyricly! 3 days late today!

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Good luck!! (((((ELV)))))