Too cute had to share!!!

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Too cute had to share!!!

I am a HUGE FAN of Halloween! I dress up every year and I just think it is truly the most fun. Last year I took my 6 year old niece trick-or-treating and I was dressed as a Ninja Turtle, well, the people at the doors thought I was a kid and started giving me candy too, LOL -- so much fun, I regressed to my childhood...

Well, anyway - this year, I do not plan on dressing up. I think it's a lot of money to spend on a costume that I am not even sure I will be up for wearing (or ever wearing again, I collect and recycle my costumes).

SO my point being is I found this ADORABLE maternity T-shirt that I am going to order and wear throughout October and on Halloween (in case I am up to walking around and trick or treating with my niece again) even if I don't do that I'll be sitting outside and handing out candy to the local kiddies... so here is the shirt:

My biggest issue is whether to order a small or a medium... they are saying to order according to your size (4/6-small, 8/10 medium) to what you were prior to pregnancy - I'd be the small (plus all my maternity shirts are smalls) and they say there is extra length to grow with you... my biggest problem is they say there is a "no return policy", so I don't know if I'd just be safer getting the medium - any suggestions?

Here is the website:

Skeleton xray baby maternity shirt pregnancy halloween | eBay

I think it's so cute that if you're having a girl you can choose to have a bow on her head, and she has little eyelashes, LOL...

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Go for the medium. By late October, we'll be significantly larger. No matter what your size is now, go for the medium. I wore a small through most of my first pregnancy... by the end, even the mediums were looking a little short. This time I've been wearing mediums from the beginning and they're getting too short... uh oh. I only have two larges. Guess I may have to go SHOPPING!

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Thank you for your input!!! I'm going to go for the medium, better to be a little big (if that) than too small! Smile

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Super cute!!! I always go with the bigger size since cotton likes to shrink.

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Adorable!! I agree, go with medium. You won't want something tight at the very end anyway Smile

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My best friend bought a similar shirt last year for Halloween and passed it on to me to wear this year. I bought a skeleton outfit for my son to wear to match poor. Poor kid. Wink lol

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Super cute!!! I would totally get one, but I am REALLY hoping to have had this little lady by Halloween!!