too cute not to share, come put some pics up!

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too cute not to share, come put some pics up!

I did a session for a client on saturday and decided to take some pics of my own kids after I was done since I already had everything set up. My jaw just dropped at this one of Addie! Honestly, who could ever say no to this face?!

Simon is also quite the cutie, just not quite as coy looking Smile

I would totally love to see pics of every one else's kids and family if you're willing to share! It's fun to get to attach faces to names.

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Your kids are adorable! We have a couple of pics from 2-3 mths ago of our DD, who just turned 3 years old this month....

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Addie looks so big now! I remember the pictures of your pg belly in the mirror where she was sticking her belly out, too. I think she was still in dipes then? Anyways, just lurking and checking out the cute pictures of your kids and Sophia's daughter! Smile