Touring the Hospital!

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Touring the Hospital!

I'm so excited, DH took off from work today so we can go and tour the hospital that I will be delivering out of! We are just finishing up getting ready now!

I've been there before - my sister delivered out of there this past February, and I really liked it - the staff were great (plus my sisters mother in law works there in that department), and it just had a great feeling, especially compared to where I've visited other friends that have delivered out of other hospitals ---i definitely liked this one the best!

Today is the hospital tour and Saturday we meet with the pediatrician! It's getting close!

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Exciting!! Have fun today Smile

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YAY!!! That reminds me, I need to call the new hospital we are moving to to set up a time to tour. Like you my sister delievered there twice, but its just different when you are a visitor compared to the patient Wink DH wants to be sure we know where to park, go in, and such and I also want to pre register. Wee dude will be here in the next 4 to 8 weeks, crazy to think its getting so close for all of us. Werent we all just joining Nov. 2012???

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I still can't work out anything to tour the hospital I'm giving birth at. I don't even know where I would go once I show up in labor. I pretty much have all my questions answered about the place, but it would be nice to see it and feel my way around.

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"Kier" wrote:

Werent we all just joining Nov. 2012???

It's so funny you say that Kier, because I JUST THOUGHT about that this morning as I came onto this board! When I first found out I was pregnant and came on this board!

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Oh fun! I hope all goes well and you like it. Smile

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That's exciting. I remember I was so excited touring the Labor and Delivery unit the first time. It's my third delivery at this hospital, so we feel like old pro's this time.

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