Transverse baby

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Transverse baby

I think this baby is laying sideways and it sure isn't very comfortable! My sides hurt and my skin feels SO stretched. I really hope this LO decides to go head down sooner rather than later. Although DS2 was breech up until 37 weeks Sad

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I think this guy has moved transverse too! I feel like there are feet on my right side and I am a lot more uncomfortable. I hope he turns the rest of the way soon!

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My baby girl spent the weekend transverse. Before that she spent a few days breech. I definitely felt the transverse pains Saturday. Between the head one way and the kicks the other way and me doing a lot of walking and being out in the heat - yikes! My son didn't turn head down till 34/35 weeks, though he didn't spend much time transverse. This girl seems to love being that way. :roll:

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I have not a clue what position baby is in! I can feel kicks in the front and back and everywhere now a days!

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I'm sorry that sounds very uncomfortable. Hopefully the baby will turn soon, and you'll get a little relief.

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Luckily my little guy seems to be staying head down... i feel like hes running out of room a lot quicker than the other kids did Sad

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This baby is flipping summersaults around in my belly. This morning I felt him in my pelvis banging around and the other morning I swear he was inches above my belly button.

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that does sound uncomfortable! I think my baby is just flipping around all over the place. I can't tell exact position untill much later on.