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treturous tats

So, you would think after nursing 3 other kids that nothing would surprise me, but here I am, baffled by "the twins" lol So, the last couple of days my breasts have seemed to go on over drive. Kellen's eating habbits havent really changed, they just seem to want to mass produce for some reason. I never got engored in the beggining, but am now...especially my left breast. At first I was afraid that I was getting mastitis because I woke up in engored and in pain, but havent developed any other symptoms. Also, they have started to let down randomly, not just when its feeding time. I have never had this happen to me before. With the other 3 as long as I had a bra on the only way I let down or leaked was when I was nursing. I have tried getting Kellen to nurse more, but all that causes is him to snack rather than really eat... and doesnt help the problem at hand. I have never had to use breast pads before but after leaking through 3 layers today going out the door to go get Dayne from school it may be time to head to wally world.

As a side note, Kellen's poop has changed. Its now a thick mustard consistancy Smile

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I really never leaked with Aiden, but with Zoe? I'll go through an overnight pad in a couple of hours! She cries I leak. A baby on TV cries, I leak. Ha ha. I also regulated much quicker with Aiden. You can do a cold pack on them after feedings to help. As long as you don't get any plugged ducts, you'll eventually even out again.
Are you BFing on both sides or just one side per feeding? If you're doing both sides just go to one. If the problem is still there in a few days, maybe go to two feedings per side for a bit just to get the supply under control more. I would be doing that myself only I can't due to my stupid plugged milk ducts issue.

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I'm a leaker apparently LOL. I leaked a lot with Kostas and I'm still leaking a lot with Marek. I feel like a milky mess most of the time ugh.