Trying to get back in the swing of things!

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Trying to get back in the swing of things!

So I've been MIA for awhile so I thought I'd update what's been going on and why I haven't been around. A lot has happened over the past month; DS1 started school (kindergarten), we've been trying to make the most of what was left of the summer, and my dad was hospitalized and diagnosed with a potentially fatal (and hereditary - THANKS DAD!) heart disease. Between those things I haven't had much time for the internet other than the occasional lurking. I'm so exhausted driving DS1 to school because it's a charter school 20 mins away from our house (our school district is horrible!) but I don't regret the choice for one moment, I'm not quite sure how I'm going to manage the total 80 mins of driving time with a newborn but I have faith that if it's meant to be it will work out! Plus I'm committed to making it work so I know it will. Biggrin A few weeks ago my mom forced my dad to go into the ER because he was having chest pains, within 60 mins he was in the cardiac ward on cardiac alert and admitted to the hospital pending further testing. Thankfully he did not suffer a heart attack but he was diagnosed with IHSS which is basically Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a disease that causes a portion of the heart to thicken. Most people don't even know they have it until they all of a sudden drop dead, so we are thankful that it was caught before that. Unfortunately, there aren't an specialists that deal with this in our area and so all the cardiologists are basically telling him there isn't a way to treat it. Sad

My pregnancy is going well, I'm 28 weeks today (yay!). All of my appointments had been going pretty routine until today when they told me that last month and this month my fundal measurement was a bit big. And by a bit I mean 4 weeks, so I'm measuring 32 weeks at 28 weeks. I know there is absolutely no way I'm further along then they thought because we used an ovulation trigger shot combined with u/s to conceive. With DS1 I did have a TON of excess amniotic fluid (so much so that my stomach literally shrunk in front of us when they broke my water during labor), but he was perfectly healthy. They never set up an u/s to figure out why I was measuring so much bigger with him so I'm a bit concerned that they're doing it now. I don't know if it's routine or they're looking for something wrong or what. I just know that google is NOT my friend right now and I need to stop trying to find out what they could be looking for before my u/s on Thurs. I've seen reasons from "a missed twin", genetic disorder like downs syndrome or cleft lip, the possibility of me having gestational diabetes, or just him being a big baby. I'm going to hope for the last one to be what's going on since DH was 8lbs 8oz and 21.5" when he was born, which I guess is on the larger side in both weight and height. Also, I did my 1 hr glucose test and hopefully passed it and it's not gestational diabetes, I was fine with DS1. About 4 hours after I drank the initial "fun stuff" (which gave me massive heartburn!!!) I all of a sudden started sweating and shaking so I'm hoping that's not an indication of anything. :confused:

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I'm glad that you are doing ok. Yikes about your dad. Hoping that they can find a specialist that knows more about his condition. As far as the US goes, I'm sure its just routine since you are measuring bigger, same as if you would be measuring behind. Keep in mind that your uterus grows faster with each pregnancy... thats why you tend to show earlier and earlier each time. I know thats what happened with mine. It filled up all the space in my abdomen, and now wee dude is just got to deal with what room he has to grow lol. I'm guessing that you are just destined to have a longer baby. But, its good that they take a look. Plus, it means that you get to see him again Smile I dont know what to tell you about the sweating and shaking. I got a head ache and major heart burn when I did my GD test last week, but that was it. Hoping that for you it was just a hormone surge of some kind.

ps. email or text me sometime Smile

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Sorry to hear about your dad. ((hugs))

I wouldn't worry too much about the 'big baby.' Quotations because sometimes these things are wrong are the kiddo isn't as small or as big as OBs fear. The uterus can measure differently just based on baby's position and such. And definitely STAY AWAY FROM GOOGLE! With luck all will be great at the u/s check. I think one check is fine since you measured 4 weeks off, but if this u/s is fine then you can tell them you don't need any more.
Also, having reactions to that awful drink is common. Doesn't indicate a fail or pass, since just as many people that have issues pass as they do fail. Heartburn was definitely felt here!!!

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I got the shakes during my GD test too and passed! It's a lot of sugar at once I think. I also had to have a growth ultrasound because I was measuring two weeks behind. Turns out I'm measuring two weeks ahead, so I wouldn't worry! Hang in there! Getting back into the school routine is always hard. I homeschool, but am adjusting to Driving my kids around to their various activities. Its tiring! That's why august and sept go so fast, a benefit for us! Smile

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So sorry to hear about you dad. I wouldn't worry about measuring big. You could just have a lot of extra fluid. I did while pregnant with DS. I lost 30 lbs of water weight just leaving the hospital.

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Thanks for all the replies ladies, it definitely makes me feel so much better to have everyone's opinions and support on matter like this! That's why I love this forum so much Biggrin

@ Kier - I will email you, I still have your last one to respond to I haven't forgotten! Biggrin

"Conornme" wrote:

... I lost 30 lbs of water weight just leaving the hospital.

That's exactly what happened to me too, I came out weighing almost 38lbs less than when I went in!

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Wow, that's a lot going on! I hope you measuring ahead is explained by something simple and un-complicating. FWIW, I felt like absolute cr@p during both GD tests and I don't have GD.