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U/S Question

I had a follow up u/s today just b/c they couldn't get a clear pic of all 4 chambers of the heart. They were able to get that today and everything looks perfect Smile The tech knew we didn't want to know the gender so she was careful and had me turn away at one point. When it was over, I asked her out of curiosity if she could tell, and she said "yep" with no hesitation. This makes me think boy. I told my friend and she said that at 22 weeks it would prob be fairly obvious either way. I just know that with the boys there was no doubt. My question is, for those that have had u/s, was the gender easily seen with both boy and girl? I guess I just figured since she seemed so sure, it must be a boy. Any thoughts?

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With my DD they knew right away no question. I think it was right around this time when I found out so I was at least past 20 weeks so either way once you're that far along it's usually pretty easy to tell either way as long as the baby cooperates.

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From my experience your friend is right. Also, an ultrasound tech does this for a living... So for her it would be really obvious either way Wink

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My u/s tech told me last time that she usually has no issues identifying the sex once you hit the 20 week mark b/c the baby is fully developed by then. BUT the fact that the tech asked you to turn away makes me wonder if it's a boy simply because you might have noticed his sex more than you would a girl's private part.

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There was never any doubt with my boys, but with my girl at 19 weeks she wouldn't say for certain. It was because her legs weren't completely open, although I could clearly see the 3 lines and showed my OB who said, "Looks like a girl to me." My other later ultrasounds with her were clearly showing that she was a girl. At your stage in pregnancy it should be easy to tell. Try to not to think about it too much. I know it's hard...just enjoy the suspense and the big moment to come!