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Where to begin? So, the last week has been crazy. Cleaning, packing, and moving. Saturday was the big move, and it didnt exactly go as planed. We thought that we would be loaded by noon, and up to tge new place early afternoon. Instead, we didnt get out of the old place till after 4pm, and to the new place till after 6pm. I def over did it a bit being on my hands and knees most of the day cleaning floors, wiping down everything, etc, but I have to say we left the place looking pretty good. Then, when DH did the walk through we got a bit of a surprise in the fact that our labd lord is keeping 1/2 of our deposit. Most of it is due to the fact that we didnt give a full months notice... Even though he never said anything when we told him we were moving, and I definitly dobt remember it being in our lease... Not that ican look seeing as we never got a copy of it. The rest of it is due to holes in a couple walls from baby gates... Which he had okd before we put them up saying were no big deal and easy to putty or whatever. He also has to buy us out of the propane we had in the tank, and magically the total of what he is takibg out of our deposit is exactly what he has to pay us for propane.

Any way, so, we didnt get the truck unloaded till after 11pm. We stayed up long enough to put our beds together. Sunfay we spent the day unpacking a bit. Monday my sister and I loaded the kids up, hers and mine, and went to visit our other sister in the hospital. She had been there since Friday, and ended up having her gall bladder out. On the way home I got a call from the boys old school asking about them being enrolled at the new school that they had to keep them on their roster till they got the transfer request from the new school. So, on the way home we stopped at the new school to register them. I was told a couple weeks ago that all I had to do was go in and fill out a paper requesting the switch, and that was it. When I got there, the office lady was rude. Handed me a huge pile of papers (just for DS1) saying that I would have to take them home to fill out since she had to go. One of the papers was this indepth physical form that I have to have a doctor fill out. I told her that we just moved and still didnt have a doctor in the area yet... That all our other district had needed were immunization reccords. To which she said that he couldnt start till that form was complete. I then asked about quick filling out the record transfer request right away so that the other school could take him off their roster, to which she said that she couldnt do till she actually saw him on his first day. Then, she informed me that till he started he would be considered truent with the state. Wth??? So, i spent the rest of the evening calling to get a ped. And to get DS1 a physical, only to find out that because he already had his 6 yr check up that our ins wouldnt cover another physical. Luckily the guy at the dr office was super nice and helpful, found me the fax # for our old doctor so that my husband could fax them the form to fill out and have them fax it to the school. DH turned in all the paper work to the principle yesterday. He told DHthat DS1 woulf start thur (tomorrow) that I would get a call from the secretary today. Still havent heard from her.

Yesterday (tuesday) I spent the day at my sisters since her son was getting his cast off and they needed a sitter for when they were both in school. The kids had fun playing with their cousins, though no one napped. When we got home DH was home from work. As soon as dinner was done the kids went to bed... The lack of nap was showing. Well, soon after we got them down, my mom calls. She and my step dad had gone to get a pile of stuff we had left in the garage at the old place. The landlord had oked this, also saying not to worry about the garbage, that he would take care of it since he didnt want it sitting by the road from saturday till monday. Well, when my mom got there he went off about it all. Making them take all the garbage, and the stuff for vinnies. I guess the garage door had also gone off track since we left saturday, which was some how all our fault??? He told my mom that he was going to charge us for everyday that we didnt return the openers ( which my mom was supposed to bring back with her when she went to get the stuff to donate, but had forgotteb when she left early to go be with my sister after her surgery). I just feel that hes really looking for any way not to get us back our $. nies

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oh my goodness, i'm exhausted after reading this - and what is with that landlord???!!!
i sincerely hope you get some time to relax and rest.

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((((Huge hugs)))) I can really empathize with your landlord situation because I went through the same thing a year ago. The lady was a conniving witch who lied through her teeth. It is such an extra stress to moving Sad I'm sorry you are having to deal with that. And the school stuff.... WTF?! Ugh! I hope it gets sorted out soon!

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What a whirlwind you've been through! Your former landlord sounds like a jerk! At least you got the move done and DS1 in school so you can focus on getting settled in the new place. Hope DH is liking his new job! Have you found a new MW/OB yet?

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Sorry to keep going on. I am having to write this all out on my phone since we still dont have the internet hooked up and probably wont for a while with the way things are going Sad

So, last night I didnt sleep very well, even though I took my Tylonal PM. I kept waking up with contractions and pressure. At one point I swear it felt like it did the night my water broke with DS2. This morning my kids woke up in crazy mode, not listening, and bouncing off the wall before I even had a chance to get out of bed. We had to go meet DS2's new tracher and fill out paper work for him. We were supposed to be there at 8:30am. Well, between the lack of listening, refusing to eat breakfast, the kids fighting me on getting dressed, and DS1 having a melt down about his shoes, we didnt walk out of the house till 8:15. Then, because I am still not used to this place, i got lost trying to find the school. We ended up getting there 10min late. We were there about an hr or so. DD threw a huge fit when it was time to go so I ended up having to carry her out kicking and screaming. Then, i got lost again coming home. Got home, got a movie on for the kids, and started trying to look up where the nearest post office is to go mail out the garage door openers. Figured it out, went to find the stuff i needed, only to find that DH took our only forms of payment with him. So, i got the kids an early lunch and layed them down for a nap. Dd didnt have an issue, but the boys fought me. It took me over an hour to get DS2 down for good, when the neighbor upstairs came home, stomping around making a ton of noise. Luckily it didnt wake the younger 2, but DS1 never did rest much, and of course i didnt get a nap at all.

I am just stressed to the max. I feel the need to get everything unpacked, the house arranged, and wee dudes stuff set up and ready... I just have so much else going on. Plus, any time o do start working on it a kid needs me, or I need to go lay down because i have a head trying to come out. Also, I know it would be easier to get the boys in school, but I start crying any time i think about them being away from me for that long right now. Needless to say, i feel like a wreck. Thank god for my sister, who has helped us out so much, my mom too. And, DH just took the kids to the post office, to go to the laundry mat and then the park, while I stay home for some unpacking time. I just pray that wee dude holds on a bit longer. I want to get the house finished, and then i really need to clean all the floors. Yay for nesting lol.

So, i am sorry for the long rant. For laxing on my host duties, and all that. Life here is just chaotic right now to say the least. Also, posting and doing stuff on my phone is a pain Sad

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Jerky landlord! Be glad to be (almost) done with him forever!!!
And good grief that's ridiculous about the school!


Hope things calm down soon!