UGH, hubby changing his mind on name

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UGH, hubby changing his mind on name

So, with 5 days til my induction DH tells me he's changed his mind on the name Blakely and doesn't want to use it. He's really pushing for Piper which I like but I really loved Blakely. Our middle name choice was Amaris which means promised by God. He said he'd also be good with Amaris Piper. I like it, but I'm just not sure. Did he really have to wait until NOW to tell me this??? I'm pretty sure it's a boy so I;m probably stressing for nothing but if it is a girl, I hate not having something picked. Thoughts?

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awe man, all the names are really beautiful - i'm partial to Piper because i had that on my list though my husband did not want to use it. maybe when you both see the baby it'll be clear to both of you what his/her name is, good luck!!!

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I think Amaris Piper sounds great Smile Piper Amaris is good too, I just like Amaris as a first name a bit better Wink

Soon you will know who is in there YAY!!! Smile

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Amaris Piper is a really cool name IMO. I would be frustrated if I were you too though. I have my heart set on the name we already picked out and if DH wanted to change it then I would be soooooo upset. Maybe you should just wait until after you've delivered the baby and then say, "Please can we name her Blakely?" (If it ends up being a girl.) That's what my friend did and her husband was totally willing to say yes after she gave birth. A little manipulative..? Yes, but her husband has never regretted their name choice now that it's actually their baby's name. Smile

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I started telling a few people what I thought her name would be and they started calling her that and now I am on the fence again. So I give up! With my other 2 I had to meet them first and sometimes the original name didn't fit.

GL! I love all your name choices! Maybe the right one will present itself then.

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Oh, I would be frustrated too! I like all of the options. I agree that maybe once you see her you will just know.

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Thanks ladies! I'm going to try and not stress over it and like you all said, when the baby's is born, if it's a girl, hopefully the name will just be clear Smile

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Just use the hormonal crying mama routine..... Thats how I got to use Ryan as a middle name for Patrick..... This child still doesn't have a set name.

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Yep, I'd just keep all of those in mind at birth and if it's a girl you'll probably be more apt to know which one is right! It's so easy to 2nd guess a name. I remembering turning to DH after Aiden was born and telling him that I know he's an Aiden but did we really pick the right name? Lol