Ugh Work...

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Ugh Work...

This is a bit of a vent so I apologize in advance.

I am just annoyed with work right now. I am pregnant, working hard, blah blah. I don't know. I guess the real issue is the fact that I'm having the other baby this Fall and I will only get 3 months with him and then I am supposed to come back here for 40plus hours a week again. I don't get paid a whole lot in the scheme of things. I mainly work so that we can all have great insurance, but I won't even see much of my check by the time I pay for 2 kids childcare, gas for work, and a couple bills once the baby comes. I just feel like I am working for nothing now(and the baby hasn't even come yet.) Our work just switched to a new insurance plan which is a good plan, but it's so expensive. DH is in school full time and working full time and he is the primary bread winner, but we still need my job. The thing is that I like my job for the most part and I have some close relationships here at work. I don't know that I would be having such an issue with it if I wasn't pregnant. I didn't expect to feel this way. I guess this is what sums up how I feel: I don't make enough money for me to feel like it's worth my time to put my baby in someone's else care at 12 weeks old and return to this job just so that we can have good insurance... It seems futile. I don't love my job that much. Sad Sorry to vent so much. Thanks for listening. Is anyone in a similar boat? Has anyone ever quit there job and made it work some other way? I didn't have to work when DS was born, but things are different now so I haven't really dealt with these feelings before.

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Yes me! I am so ready to be done with work. Unfortunately I will be coming back after this baby as well. I will be off for only 8 weeks, then back full time. I make more than my DH, so I can't change or quit because it would financially be a huge change for us.

I am having a hard time because I am getting so aggravated so easily at work. Over things that I've always dealt with and never had a problem with before. I've been in this position for 12 years, and I really like it, but I wish I wasn't here so much.

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I know exactly. Not all companies pay a portion of family coverage either. If it wasn't for dh's coverage which is not as good but at least they pay a prorata share, I would have to quit period. My boss said she works to basically keep "better" insurance but extremely expensive for families for her family. Even now we looked into if I could quit versus having 3 in daycare. We already will be looking into a home daycare when I am on maternity leave, well keeping my eyes open now for one that has a spot for 3 kids in our school area. There would be no way we could pay daycare and health insurance of over $1500 / a month on my work plan for the family.

Me and dh had the conversation a few weeks ago...the hard working middle class with families really have a hard time. We have family members that get free coverage that pays for everything...and people wonder why they don't get a better job. I wish I could quit now at least for a while until the kids get a little older. Or be in Canada where you get a year from my understanding...


Sigh... I feel your pain.

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I thank God that we live in an area where the cost of living is relatively low! If it wasnt for that I would be working full time and paying for 2 kids to be in daycare full time too! I will probably just take a couple months off when baby comes and then be back to work part time as we need it.

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(((hugs))) I totally understand how you are feeling. Feel free to vent.