Ultrasound today

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Ultrasound today

So they wanted to do an ultrasound today just to confirm dates and size of the baby since I'm 28 weeks measuring 32 weeks. I fully expected this to be due to excess amniotic fluid and nothing else, but while the tech said that I'm on the higher side of the normal range it's still not at a point to be concerned. However, she did note that this kid is "built like a linebacker". Seeing him up there on the screen made me think of DS1, he looks exactly like him in every way. DS1 has always been stocky and really muscular, this is the kid who would try to stand on his own at 5 months! He has the same long super muscular legs that DS1 does. So everything is fine we just have a big baby, at 28 weeks his estimated weight is 3lbs 3oz! It was awesome to get to see him again and it just made me even more excited for his arrival, especially since he was being super cute crossing his legs and playing with his feet and just putting on an awesome show for us. We even got to see his ears at one point! They said I'll probably get another u/s in 3 weeks to keep an eye on his size and growth and keep an eye on that stuff. I delivered vaginally with DS1, so I'm going to be really disappointed if this ends in a c-section because of size. Sad

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Since you've already had good a good vag birth you can totally fight to not have a c/s based on u/s measurements! They are routinely said to be as much as 2 lbs off, and Ina May said she once had a mom whose baby was u/s measured a coupe of days before birth - and it was 5 lbs off!!!! Is that not insane?! There's no way a baby LOST 5 lbs in 2 days ya know? Wink And if they tell you different and that u/s are always right, there are lots of articles and info out there that scientifically show that this is simply not true. It's good to keep an eye and make sure baby is growing well when there are concerns, but c/s due to "big baby" is usually not needed.
I'm planning a VBAC and they're doing zero growth ultrasounds with me even with DS being classified as a "big baby" to them! Position of baby (as in facing correctly, not just head down) matters more.

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I'm glad that everything is looking good. A lot can change growth wise in the next 12 weeks... each kid grows at their own rat and pace. I wouldnt be too worried about the C/S. Jackie is so right about the position being more of an issue than anything. DS1 was only 6lbs lbs and got stuck because he was sunny side up with his head tilted. You can do this, no matter what "this" ends up being Wink

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Try not to stress. My OB doesn't put a whole lot of stock in sizing U/S. She said she recently had a patient who's u/s est the weight at close to 10lbs and the baby was 8lbs 1oz. then she had another that est baby at 7.5 lbs and he was over 10. You've already delivered a big baby so you know you can do it. My boys ranged from 8lbs 1oz to 9lbs 6oz. DS5 was the biggest and I didn't even tear.

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Yay for getting to see baby again! I agree with what others have said as well.

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Glad you got to see you baby again. I agree with everyone else, the sizing ultrasounds can be off by a lot. At 36 weeks they did one for my DD and said she was around 8.5 lbs, she was only 6 lbs. 3 oz.