Ultrasound Update

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Ultrasound Update

The ultrasound tech was able to see the gestational sac, as well as the baby and yolk sac and even the little heart beating through my abdomen. Yahoo Something she was really surprised about. She then did a trans. vag. as well to get an even better look at things. The heart rate measured at about 117 :pinkelephant:, but she said at this stage she was surprised to see anything, and that it is really hard to get a good reading with how small the heart is. She explained that me breathing could have interrupted the reading, or if her hand shook eve a tiny bit. She said that if they were to do another one in a couple of weeks it would be that much easier to get a reading Smile SO, all good news. Everything looks healthy, baby is where its supposed to be, and its tiny little heart is beating away :cloud9:

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awesome awesome awesome!

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Yay! Yahoo

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Yahoo That's amazing they could get the heart rate via an abdominal u/s! Glad everything looks great!

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That is awesome! Congrats!

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that is wonderful news! I think your picture is great btw Smile

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Awesome news!! great pic. So glad it went well Smile

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Love it!! Yay for a great ultrasound!!

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"mishella69" wrote:

Love it!! Yay for a great ultrasound!!

Your turn tomorrow Biggrin

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Woohoo! That's fantastic news! I felt so relieved after we knew there was a heartbeat. Makes all the difference in the world. Smile

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Yay! congrats, it must feel so good Biggrin Very cool pic too Biggrin

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YAY! so happy for your wonderful u/s! Smile love the picture!!!!!

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Thanks everyone. We are so excited. Hoping that my OB calls today as to when she wants me to come in for my first official appt. My body celebrated the good news with.... dry heaves. So, looks like I may not get to avoid the oh so fun ms :puke2: Oh well, it'll be worth it in the end Wink