Ultrasound update (pic heavy is)

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Ultrasound update (pic heavy is)

Ultrasound went great. Baby looks healthy, and my placenta is anterior, which explains the lack of movement...



what everyone....

wants to know....


He is measuring as my biggest baby yet in the 70th percentile!!! Though, we shall see. All 3 of my other kids slowed down growing by the end. His femurs are measuring shorter, but all of my kids have... so far they are not showing signs of bowing so far Smile

I was so scared of how I would feel if I found out that the baby was a boy after thinking girl for so long, but honestly, as soon as I saw his face (which, he looks so much like his daddy and brothers its insane) I fell in love right away. DD will just be a princess in a land of knights Wink At first we were like Oh poor DD, so out numbered. But, the DH was like, poor him, hes going to be DD's personal doll lol

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Congratulations on the little boy~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is adorable!!!!! Smile

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Congrats on another sweet boy!! Great pics, too Smile

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Aww... so cute! Congrats on the boy! You're right-your DD will be the little princess of the family! Smile

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I had to laugh at the "poor him, hes going to be DD's personal doll" HA HA HA!

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I knew it was a boy. I don't know why but I just thought it was a boy. Congrats.

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Congrats on your healthy baby boy!! We have so much blue in Nov!!

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Wow I really thought you were having a girl! But I thought I was having one too... Blum 3 I'm so glad you got to see your baby's gorgeous wee face and take away some great pictures! It's amazing how 'high' with love you can feel just after a scan Biggrin

So happy for you!

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Thanks everyone Smile I am up at my sister's now going through clothes, figuring out whats going to work and what I will still need. DH and I have been throwing around names all day. The boys are excited to have another brother... DD doesnt quite get it yet, but I'm sure she will be excited once he's here Smile

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Congrats on your sweet boy!! I adore the foot shot! Too freaking cute!

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Congrats on your sweet boy! Those pics are awesome! He's adorable Smile

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Awesome pics! congrats on the boy! I can't wait for my 3D US in August.