Ultrasounds/Baby pics

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Ultrasounds/Baby pics

as we get closer to the end a lot of us (it seems) are starting to get more ultrasounds to check on baby, baby's position, size, and so on. Share your ultrasound pics here Smile

For our momma's who have had their babys, please share pictures of your little ones here as well Smile

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Here are mine from this last week.
34 weeks, ultrasound done on 10-10-12

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I have the cutest face shot of him, with big chubby cheeks and looking (I think) just like DH... but I've been having serious issues getting pictures uploaded this pregnancy. :annoyed:

I'm really enjoying seeing everyone else's! Smile

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I had my ultrasound two weeks ago at 32 weeks but didn't get any pictures because this little guy is facing inwards with his back out towards my front. All we got to see was the side of his head and an ear, so not a really good shot.

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awwww so cute! i haven an ultra sound on Wednesday and i am crossing my fingers for some good pics!

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I think I may have shared these already but these are from 36 weeks:

You can see the baby's hair sticking up off the top of his/her head Smile

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so cute!! I won't get another ultrasound unless something changes between now and delivery. I am ready to see my little guy's face again, though!

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Such sweet babies you all have! Smile I won't have another u/s unless there is a suspected issue...so hopefully I won't see her again until her birthday!