Um, a good workout??

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Um, a good workout??

The past couple of days, my belly has been worn. out. by the evening. I feel like I've done a hundred situps, it's that kind of muscle fatigue!! I must be having more BH or other contractions that I even realize to be feeling that kind of muscle tiredness (??). Admittedly, I don't pay as close attention as I could during the day, but after my doctor's office told me not to worry about them since they aren't causing any progress, I stopped fretting about how many I was having. But I'm definitely having a good amount and am physically just slowing way down this week. Anyone else have sore tummy muscles?

I can't believe how close it's getting, and I'm definitely feeling like he's getting as anxious as I am for his birthday Smile Lots of contractions and crampiness, he's super low and head down, and I'm just generally feeling "eh..." (how's that for descriptive??), I just feel like he's as ready as I am getting to be!! We have a concert tomorrow night and a friend's wedding Sunday, then the rest of October is all clear for a baby birthday!!

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I am wiyh you on just being sore, and tired, all over. I technically have a little bit longer than you, bit once I am 35 weeks my doctor will no longer stop my labor. So, we shall see what wee dude decides to do.