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Hello ladies! Sorry for not being here much. This fatigue is killing me! Anyhow, I had an u/s on Monday and they dated me at 6w6d. So, I'm 7w1d today. I'm posting a pic of our little bean. Seeing the heart beating was something I'll never forget. I was so mesmerized.

Everything looks good. Got a nice view of the bean and it's juicy yolk sac. Other than fatigue and an occasional wave of nausea, I'm feeling pretty good. My belly is so bloated it's awful. My jeans are getting so tight.

Hope you're all doing well!!

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awww too cute. So, whats your EDD now?

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"Kier" wrote:

awww too cute. So, whats your EDD now?

November 6, 2012

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Beautiful pic!! Glad you got to see the heartbeat!!

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Great pic!! Im so glad that things went well for you!! I am suffering from some major fatigue as well!

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Aww, it's a teeny tiny baby! Smile Glad everything is going well!

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Jealous...I still have 3 weeks until my first appt! I love the pic, looks like a gummy bear Smile

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Awww so glad it went well! Your little bean is so cute! I'm having another u/s tomorrow and am so nervous. Hopefully we get to see our cute little bean too. Smile

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Super good pic!! cute!~ Way better then mine was! :):)