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Update :)

So Bria is doing good! She is up to 2 lbs and 7 oz now! YAY! She had a blood transfusion on Tuesday, and that was pretty scary, but she did great! She is a lot pinker now and a lot more alert! She is up to 14mLs every 2 hrs for her feeds as well. All her IV's are now out and she is only connected to the heart/lung/O2 monitors. Here are a few new pics Smile

First bath!

All tired out after her feeding, bath, and mommy snuggling her for while!

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thank you so much for sharing the pics! bria looks so sweet! i'm glad she is doing well and i hope you are hanging in there, too. i can't imagine how tiring and stressful everything must be. but, she really looks great! so cute!

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THank you! It is very tiring! Im just ready to have her home! I stay at home all day with my older children and then I go to the hospital from 9:30p till 11:30p every night to do her cares, feeding, and snuggle with her for an hour. Then I have to wait until midnight to do my last pumping and then by 12:30ish I finally get to bed! Then up at 7am to get my son ready for school! I def cant wait to just have her at home and be able to get some kind of routine again! I think I am more emotionally drained than physically drained at this point. Just having her at the hospital and not home has been really hard.

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Wonderful update! She is soo cute! You are such a strong Mama, she is so lucky to have you!

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Im glad to hear that everything is going well. Praying that she continues to grow and is home in your arms soon

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Thanks for the update! I'm soooo glad to hear she's gaining weight and doing better. Smile

I can't imagine though the toll this is on you to have her not with you and to only see her at night. ((hugs)) Praying that she'll continue to grow and mature so your whole family can be together.

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So glad to hear she is doing so well!

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I'm so glad she's doing good! I love the pics. She's SO sweet!

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She is adorable - and you look great!! I'm glad she is doing so well!! Smile

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good to hear she is doing well. I remember the first time Sam had a blood transfusion. it was a scary time but I also learned they are very common for them to need them. He has had more since and is always so much more alert afterwards.

Doing cares and giving baths are great. I know for me it helps feel like I am part of his life.

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Glad she's doing so well. She's very cute.

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Aww what a little cutie!! So glad to hear she's doing so well!

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Thanks for the update! She looks great and I can tell she's getting bigger!