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Hi ladies! I know it;s been awhile since I posted. I try to check in each week but between my blog, and keeping up with the kids, I don't get to post much. Amaris is doing good. We had the upper respiratory crud go through our house a few weeks ago. It got all of us except for my hubby and my oldest. I'm on round two of antibiotics. It hit Amaris the hardest though and she ended up with pneumonia and an ear infection Sad She had to get an antibiotic shot, breathing treatments and an oral antibiotic. She's finally over it now but it was rough and she had me worried. She's a little peanut (13 lbs) at 5 1/2 months and I guess she didn't have as much to fight with. She is a totally different baby from when she was first born. We made it through the colic and latch issues and now she's the happiest girl! She smiles, laughs and squeals all day long. And she is doted on by her big brothers! My seven year old is especially protective of her. He can't stand to hear her cry and is the first one to get her when she wakes up. She's rolling over both way and wants to sit us so badly! She's a wiggleworm and is always moving. I think she's trying to keep up with the boys Wink She loves to nurse (still every 2 hours) and isn't so keen on solids (I just posted on the solids thread). Anyone else's LO still nursing so often? Anyway, here are some pics I took at the park last week Smile

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Lovin all these pics! I'm so glad to see your kids happy and your family complete.

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Zoe is still nursing about every 2 hours around the clock. She loves her boob. We cosleep, so I don't mind! She's only nursing for about 5 minutes at a time (I still have an overactive letdown, so she's probably gulping down a good 3 ounces or more in that time frame), so I don't really feel very tied down at least.
Sounds scary about the respiratory issues! Glad she's on the mend.