update on Kellen being in hospital.

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update on Kellen being in hospital.

I posted about this under the check in.

They decided to keep him another night. They wanted to wait for the cultures to come back and for the sensitivity tests... aka what kills the bacteria. They said that if they sent him home earilier it would just be a guess as to which antibiotic to send him home on. So, here we sit. His eye seems to be getting better, hes actually working on opening his eye. We just talked to the doc and it sounds like nothing is growing with the cultures, but he is responding to the antibiotics they have been using. SO, if everything still looks good tomorrow, and he continues to make improvements, they will send him home on the stuff they have him on now and continue to run the tests and see. We will need to follow up with his doctor, probably on friday.

Thankfully my sister and her husband are able to help with the middles tomorrow. They are actually spending the night at their house so that DH can still get Ds1 to school and then to work on time. If I cant get out of here by the time that Ds1 is done with school then DH will cut out of work early and work late the rest of the week to make up the hours. I had origionally planned on leaving Kellen here for a little bit if I needed to to go get Ds1 from school... it made me nervous, but DH doesnt have any more paid time off and we cant afford for him to miss work un paid. I didnt say anything to him about not wanting to leave Kellen, but he said that HE didnt want me to... that it made him nervous, and he thought that I should be at the hospital.

any who. Kellen continues to be a champion nurser, and hates the iv in his hand and his whole arm having to be imobalized to keep it from shifting

yesterday before going to uc

after being admitted

this morning

late morning... finally opening a bit

this afternoon

big brother visiting

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Awww, poor guy! Sorry you are stuck at the hospital. I really hope he continues to get better on his current antibiotics so you can take him home! I know how stressful that can be, especially with the other kids needing care. My DD went back to the hospital at 10 days old for RSV and it was stressful being stuck there and having an 18 month old at home and DH staying home from work. (((HUGS)))

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awwwwwwww poor baby!!! he's such a doll, i'm glad he is improving and hoping for you to take him home asap!

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aww poor little dude.. but I'm glad he's getting better!

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Boo! Poor little guy!

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Awww... poor baby. I'm glad he's starting to show signs of improvement. and yeah for family stepping up and helping out. So glad to hear that.

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Aww poor little guy Sad I'm glad he is getting better. Cristiano has his left eye get red and close up but it lasted about 2 days and cleared on it's own. Doctor said it was pretty normal as it's the tear ducts trying to start working but alot of times they stay open. I myself had tear duct surgery when I was ababy( 3 weeks old) and had to have antibiotics, etc. My mom had told me. I stayed a couple days in as well. But that was back in 1979 Smile

Keep us posted and hope you guys go home very soon!

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We are out!!! Smile His eye is looking so much better Smile Doc said with how well he is responding that it was safe for him to go home on oral antibiotics and the eye ointment. They will check how its doing at his 2 week appt next week.

Speaking of which, Kellen is 1 week old!!! Crazy to think about that. Now, to get settled back at home and get a routine going. All the kids NEED it

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Yay for coming home! Poor baby, I hope he's 100% better soon.

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Poor guy! I'm glad he's getting better and you guys get to go home!

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I'm so sorry you had to go through this. :grouphug:
Really glad to hear that everything is going better and that you're all home! Hope you get to a routine soon for the older kiddos. Smile

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Aw poor lil guy! Did they ever determine what caused his eye to become infected? I'm glad you guys are home and doing much better. KUP!

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((HUGS)) I'm so sorry you had to go through this! DD had extended care (two additional nights in the hospital) for weight loss and jaundice and I was a total mess. It's so hard with not being able to afford unpaid time off for DH too but what a little trooper Kellen is! So glad you're home and things are going well overall.

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Thanks everyone Smile things are going well so far. Yesterday after getting out I went to pick up his meds only to find out that the pharnacy didnt have his antibiotic. So, long story short, and lots of tears on my part, the doctor ended up calling the pharmacy and working things out. Thank god. Last night, before giving wee dude the meds, he spit up for the first time... Leading me to believe that he does infact have reflux Sad I have nursed all of my babies and hes the first to get spitty like that Sad he had a bit of a rough time with the meds, but did end up keeping it down. Then, he fell asleep around 10:30pm, and didnt wake up to eat again till 4am YAY Smile Today we are just hanging out at home, relaxing. Hoping that these new meds help kick this crud the rest of the way.

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i hope the medicine leads to a speedy recovery. i'm sorry things have been so stressful. hugs!

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I am a bit behind so I am sorry to hear about all you have went through and hope for a speedy recovery.