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Update and pics

I can't believe Amaris will be one week old tomorrow! It's a been a little bit of a roller coaster since we got home. We took her in on Friday for her newborn checkup. When we left the hospital Thursday she was at 8lbs 4oz (down from 8 15). When they weighed her at the doc she was at 7lbs 11oz. I really think their scale was off since it's hard to believe she lost half a pound in 24 hours. We had been having a hard time with her latch though and my milk hadn't fully come in yet. So, we have to take her back tomorrow for a weight check. I've never had this issue with any of the boys. She also had a really rough night on Friday. She screamed for 2 1/2 hours. It was pretty clear it was her little tummy and I felt so helpless. I was really worried Saturday because she wasn't peeing or pooping. She had the same diaper on from 8am to 5pm. She finally peed Sat evening and I was over the moon! Since then, she has being peeing and pooping pretty regularly. So, I'm feeling better about that. However, her latch still isn't great and my nipples are insanely sore. They're cracked and raw. I cry every time I feed her. I got a nipple shield yesterday and have been using lansinoh. I'm also trying to go topless as much as possible to get air to them. The boys all took to nursing so quickly and never really had any issues so this is new to me. I'm determined to push through though. I told DH I just need a leather strap to bite down on when I nurse! Aside from the nursing, Amaris is doing really well. She sleeps good and is pretty laid back. Her brothers fight over who gets to hold her Smile Here are a few pics. Sorry they're so big. I copied them off FB.

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LOVE all the big brother shirts! Biggrin And she is soooo adorable. You are a lucky mama!

Have you been able to see an LC? Or is there at least a local BFing group like LLL? Maybe there's a tongue tie issue. I know my son wasn't using his tongue correctly at first and that first two weeks ask I worked with him to improve that were not fun! I had bleeding nipples that formed the shape of lipstick. ((hugs)) I have to say I am nervous that BFing this time won't be as easy as it was last time for us!
With luck it'll be uphill from this point on and she'll gain like a champ!

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Congrats, she's a beauty!

I second the tongue tied idea. Since you are an experienced nurser, and you're having trouble with her latch and sore nips, it seems likely.

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congratulations! she is so cute! i'm sorry breastfeeding is off to a difficult start. i'm sure things will improve soon!

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*lurker *
Btdt! If u r cracking, definitely see an .LC. .BF was so painful with my first and i cracked and bled. I finally went to the .lc.....fixed in 30 seconds once she saw the cracks she adjusted the latch and bam.....
Good luck and congrats on your little girl!

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My kids all lost weight. Ds1 had the same types of issues and went from 6lbs to 5lbs. Once I started working with a LC things got a lot better. Like you, i just refused to give up, and worked through it. Ds2 was a champ at nursing and went from 5lbs 8oz to 5lbs, anf DD was an ok nurser and went from 5lbs 5oz to 4lbs something. Hang in there. She will get the hang of it before you know it Smile

Oh, and I agree with pp, maybe get her checked for tounge tie. Just to be sure

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Thanks ladies! I'm going to look up a LC!

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What a beautiful family!

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Belinda!!!! She is beautifulllllllll!!! Congrats

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She is so beautiful! I love all the "big brother" pictures! I hope you are able to get some answers and relief for the BFing issues soon. (((hugs)))

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You have a beautiful family! I'm sorry it has been a rough start with Amaris. I hope you are able to get some help with BFing. I can imagine after having nursed 5 babies that it would be very frustrating for it to not be going smoothly. Good for you for sticking to it-it sounds so painful! KUP on how the LC helps!

Oh, and she is a gorgeous baby girl!

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Many congrats and sorry to hear about the troubles, hopefully they resolve soon

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Thanks for the update!! She is so gorgeous! I love love love her little halloween outfit! It is soo cute! Finally a precious girl after 5 boys!!

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awwwa! You had a girl!!! Congrats!!! You look so beautiful after just having a baby Belinda! and your wee girl is just so sweet!

Sorry to hear you have sore nipples, I had that with DD too. Def see a LC, I hope that it helps!