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Update and pics

Hi ladies! Looks like things are starting to move right along! I'm definitely busy and tired. The hardest part has been my recovery. My c sec incision ended up reopening. Very painful and had it stapled with no anesthetic! ouch! tomorrow they may get removed. Cristiano is a great nurser! He falls asleep right away so last night I ended up pumping the rest so i can continue making some at a decent speed and always good to store breast milk for later! Hes exclusively bf so dont want to introduce bottles until its time for me to go back to work. He was born at 7lbs 4oz and 2 days ago was 6 lbs 14oz. But nobody is worried. I did lose a lot of blood so am on iron pills. We feel so complete now. We are so in love! Even though the stinker made me labor 11 hours on my scheduled c section day! So here is some pics!

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Aww. Such a beautiful family. Im sorry to hear that your recovery has been troubleshome.. Hopefully its much smoother, and fast, from here on out

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he is adorableeeee!!!!! congrats

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Look at that gorgeous dark hair! You look amazing mama! Sorry to hear about your incision coming open, sounds miserable Sad You all look so happy in the whole family shot!!

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Beautiful pics! Glad to hear he's BFing fantastically. That isn't much of a weight loss at all, so woo hoo (most babies lose weight)!

Sooooo hate hearing that you had issues with your incision. Hope it's smooth sailing after this. Sad

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Beautiful family! I hope you heal quickly!

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He is so cute! Congratulations!

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What a CUTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!! Smile

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Cute! and many congrats

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He's adorable!! Sorry about your recovery. I hope you are feeling better soon!

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He's a beautiful baby boy. Sorry to hear about the incision. I hope it heals quickly.