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Update on us

Sorry that I have been MIA for awhile, I have been lurking just haven't felt like posting. Even though I have been feeling awful with m/s and all, I am still having trouble feeling like I am really pregnant. I wish that it would finally sink in!

Anyway, I have seen my OB and my perinatologist since the last time I updated. Both appts went really well and I really like both of the doctors. So far I have seen my little bean at every appt! When I saw the peri last week we finally decided on a due date of 11/23/12. I also had my NT scan at that appt and everything looks good. I got two really good profile pics and will try to post them when I get a chance.

In other news, my MIL is coming to visit this week. I'm so glad that I will have some help with DS this week and we always have a great time together!

My DH decided that he wanted to try pickling eggs this weekend, so our house really stinks right now! Yuck! He owes me one for letting him do that!

That's all for now!

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awww, i'm having much the same - i have symptoms and all but i still can't believe it or don't FEEL like i'm really pregnant. i keep thinking that when my belly pops that'll be the time it hits me!

haha, my DH has made the house stink with foods too!!! hang in there! Smile

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Thats good that your appointments went so well. Sorry about the MS...hopefull with getting into the 2nd tri things will start t ease up soon:)

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Yay for good appts! Smile