Update on us...

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Update on us...

So Bria is 2 1/2 mnths old now! I cant believe how fast this time has gone by! She is up to 5 lbs and 6 oz!! She is grwoing like a weed! We get to meet her new pediatrician on Wends and hopefully I will be able to stop putting the formula in with my milk!! She has been spitting up a lot ever since they started fortifying my milk for the extra calories! Still having to feed her every 3 hours at the most! I cant let her sleep even if she is still sleeping, so nights are still pretty crappy around here! I cant wait to get some sleep!

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Way to grow Bria Smile Hoping this new ped can help with the spitting. With DS2 they wanted me to give him neosure. I gave it to him once and it all came right back up. Dang formula Sad Hang in there. It sounds like what you are doing is exhausting, but working Smile

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SO GLAD to hear she is growing and doing well!!!! Smile
hope you can get some rest soon

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Way to grow Bria! I hope they are able to find a solution to help with all the spitting up.