UTI... ugh!

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UTI... ugh!

On Wednesday I started getting symptoms of UTI. I've only had this infection 2 other times in my life but I knew the symptoms pretty clearly. (Sharp pains in the lower abdomen and feeling like I have to pee and then go to the bathroom and there is barely anything in there.. sorry TMI) So I made an appt with my family doctor, after speaking with my RE who said going on the antibiotics they will most likely prescribe are perfectly safe for me, just mention to them I have TTC so I do get the pregnancy safe meds. I have to see another doc in the practice as my regular one is booked for the day. There are white and red blood cells in my sample so he put me on Bactirum and ordered a culture. After 2 days of taking the meds with no symptom relief, he calls and says stop the meds because my culture came back negative, which means my body is resistant to the antibiotic. AHH!

So I call back, because I'm still having the same symptoms, though they haven't got worse, and he says I just need to drink a bunch of fluid and use Tylenol or Advil if I get uncomfortable. He left a message with these instructions as I was at work and of course, I couldn't get a hold of him before the weekend. But what the heck?! I'm just supposed to hope this goes away with water and cranberry juice? I don't want it to get worse, especially since I know it can lead to a kidney infection, but he didn't seem like it was a big deal.

I'm drinking cranberry jucie, taking cranberry extract and drinking a ton of water but will that work? How does this infection go away without meds? Anyone had experience with this who is resistant to the antibiotics?

The RE didn't seemed concerned at all that this will affect our chances this month, but I really don't want to have to go to ANOTHER doctor, a urologist, if this UTI doesn't go away on its own. Sometimes I hate my body!!!!! Secret

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For some reason I tend to get the beginnings of UTI quite frequently. I can always tell it is coming because like you said, it's a frequent urge then not much comes out. I always start drinking cranberry juice. (not the cocktail, but the 100% cranberry juice) It usually takes care of the problem within a day or two. I have a UTI now as well so I have been drinking lots of juice. It's not gone yet, so I may have to go to quickcare.

But anywhose, cranberry juice definitely will do the trick as long as you don't have a horribly advanced UTI.

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My experience with UTIs is terrible and not at all normal but if I doc told me to stop the antibiotics because it was resistant I'd be furious if they didn't give me another one. Of course I'm immune compromised and can't heal well on my own and also have kidney issues BUT if you've had a UTI for days now it can definitely advance. If it is advancing though you'll probably start feeling really really sick, running a fever, etc. Mine progress quickly. Often by the time I know I have one I'm already nauseated and running a fever and having a hard time getting around at all I'm in so much pain so maybe I'm just weird. Seems weird to me they wouldn't give you a different antibiotic. They give me macrobid and it's pregnancy safe and works great. Sometimes the Bactrim just doesn't seem to work...probably also a resistance issue. I hope you feel better and that this gets straightened out. I'd definitely call the doc back if you're not MUCH better on their plan in a few days. UTIs are not something you want to play with IMO. Sometimes I just don't understand the things doctors try. Oh well. Sorry that was a bit of a rant. Lol. I hope you do feel better though and that this works and you don't need antibiotics at all. Smile Sorry you're going through this.

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I am just like Michelle and get UTIs, or the beginning of them, all the time too. I hate it! For me, I take 1 or 2 of the cranberry pills a day and drink a LOT of water and they usually clear up pretty quick. Also, make sure you don't drink any caffeine beverages b/c that will make the symptoms worse. HTH and you get feeling better quick. Smile