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Who is planning on doing an absentee ballot? I am due the day before election day and have been trying to decide if I should go vote early or chance it that I'll deliver early enough!

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I havent even thought about it. Dh and I are planning on voting... Ill have to look into if I can vote early or not... Good idea Erin Smile

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I thought about absentee, but since he'll be here by then I'm just going to plan on heading to the polls.

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i didn't think about that - what day is election day, the 4th? i probably won't have baby by then since my due date is near the end of november so i'll probably go, assuming i fit in the voting booth LOL...

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I have to vote absentee anyways since I'm a resident of TN, but live in NC.

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I was due right after the last election with DS1 and discovered (after waiting in line!) that you can drive up and have them bring a mobile voting machine to your car. I don't know how you can request that or if you have to ahead of time, but it might save you that are still pregnant and going to the polls from having to stand in lines if you find out!! We heard some people were going to vote today since they will be out of the country on election day (Nov 6th), so I might look into doing that just in case...

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I was just talking to DH about this today. I'm going to look into early voting since the lines won't be so long. I can't imagine standing in line for an hour or more with a 1-2 week old baby.

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I should still be in town to vote, but because I have to leave town to give birth I'm going to do an absentee vote just to be safe.