Water and contractions

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Water and contractions

I know I'm drinking more than enough water during the day to keep BH contractions away but last night when I was laying in bed the contractions kept coming pretty reguarly and they were definitely more painful than the past. I also find myself drinking a ton of water through the night. I've started keeping a liter by my bed and its not unusual for me to go through that full liter at night. Do you think its my bodys way of trying to keep the contractions down to a minimum? I told DH this morning I really don't think we'll make it through Thanksgiving and technically this baby is a December baby.... I am just trying to keep him in past halloween.

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I assume your gestational diabetes test was negative? I would definitely follow the rules and tell your doctor if it continue that you are haveing them frequently and they are painful. GL! Did Patrick arrive early?

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3 days but thats it. And GD test was negative.

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No fun Sad I know for me, drinking a lot of water usually tends to slow contractions down, but if I've had a really full day, on my feet a lot, or lots of stress that day, I tend to get contractions more and more at night. And they are getting more painful here and there, too! I was also having more when I had a lovely UTI, but even now that it's gone, I'm still having some good contractions! Our bodies remember...or we know what's happening more 2nd (3rd, 4th..)time around maybe?

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We have the same exact due date. Smile

I was going to ask you about GD too, but I guess if your test was negative then it wouldn't be that. Maybe your body is just really working hard to grow this baby right now and your are just more thirsty than normal and you are having lots of BHs as a result of you body working so hard. I have had days or even a couple weeks in the this pregnancy where I felt like I could not get enough to drink! I have also noticed that I have waaaay more BHs than I ever did with DS. Well, I didn't ever realy have them with DS period. At night I have been having crampy sensations before bed. Not comfortable. They usually go hand in hand with the BHs. I figured it might be from overdoing it during the day at work and then coming home and making dinner, doing chores, taking care of DS, etc. Have you been super busy lately? I bet every regular activity could set them off now. I hope you feel better!

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No advice other than the talk to your provider! ((hugs))