We chose a name!!

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We chose a name!!

Her name will be Bria Lynn R. I let hubby chose, but I vetoed a lot of names! I like this one though! It feels a little more real now that we have a name to call her Smile

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YAY for a name!!! :blob3:

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YAY for a name Smile I like Bria, very pretty Smile

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I love it! Bria is such a pretty name!

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YAY for a name! I am jealous!! lol - Although I think we have ours, who knows!

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Pretty!! Smile We are still hopelessly far from deciding on one (pretty usual for us!)

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very cute name! I would love to know "the name". First I suppose it would help if LO would show the goods or lack there of at the next ultrasound.

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It's so cute! And I've never heard it before. Smile

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Yeah. I like it A LOT!

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Very pretty!

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Very nice, I love it.