We have a new partner for our Expectant Parents!

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We have a new partner for our Expectant Parents!

Hi all,

I wanted to pass along a great resource we have within one of our new partners at Fairhaven Health! You likely have seen their ads throughout the site offering a variety of all natural, high quality products perfect for those trying to conceive, currently pregnant, postpartum, nursing, and beyond... all at reasonable prices.

Please take a moment (or several!) to click on one of their ads onsite, explore all they have to offer for your specific stage, and then let us hear from you! There is absolutely no obligation to buy but we want you to have this opportunity to see for yourself. For our pregnant moms they offer products for stretch marks (Dream Belly!), prenatals that are all-natural (and more easily digested), tea-for-two, and later to aid with breastfeeding!

While we recognize that advertising is not the reason you visit our site, it helps us continue to provide you with the resources and community support that you know and love! It is our desire to accomplish this goal through companies that offer products and services we would use for ourselves and our families -- hence why we are excited about our partnership with Fairhaven Health.

Visit one of the areas below (or click on one directly from one of your favorite boards), click through and then let us know your feedback! You can email me at [email]missyj@pregnancy.org[/email] or send to [email]advertising-feedback@pregnancy.org[/email].

Thanks in advance for your help and insight!

~Missy (see below):

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