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Thread: We may have a turkey day baby on our hands.... 39wk appt

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    No baby last I heard from Angela
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    Sorry for the lack of an update ladies! No baby yet This week has just been so long and exhausting, I'm very, very, very tired. DH has been wonderful letting me get tons of sleep and taking care of me. I've had BH on and off but no concrete contractions yet. I'm not really uncomfortable or miserable I'm just mentally exhausted and so ready to be done with this pregnancy. After Wed I was losing huge globs of my mucus plug (TMI!) and I hoped that was at least a sign that I was dilating/effacing more. I have an appointment tomorrow at 11:15 PST so I'll know for sure if I'm at least progressing (I was 2cm 25-50% effaced on last Wed) and my OB said we'll talk induction, which actually makes me really nervous. I'm anxious for him to get here but not if it means a long complicated labor that ends in a c-section so I guess I'd kinda rather him just come on his own. I'm feeling the most pressure to just have him already from DHs work because they need to know when he's taking time off because they have deadlines to meet and he'll be off for 2 weeks. I'm really hoping this kid decides to make an appearance soon!
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    Sorry you are so tired! That is sweet of your DH for taking care of you so you can rest. If you end up being induced it doesn't necessarily mean labor will be long or complicated. You have already had one baby and that gives an induction a better chance of being successful. I was induced with Piper and labor was a little less than 5 hours and the two before her were 6 and 7 hours. Hopefully he will come on his own though, since that is what you want.
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    Aw (((hugs))) I hope he decides to come soon!
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