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weekend plans

What are your plans for this weekend?

For those who celebrate, what do you have planned for thanksgiving?

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I'm super excited for Thanksgiving because we are staying with my parents waiting for Cricket to come so its going to be a big family Thanksgiving. I wouldn't get to have Thanksgiving with them otherwise plus I'm so excited for all the food! Woot!

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Having a baby. At least that's what I'm hoping!
I made and froze a few weeks ago dressing, potato casserole, rolls, and a pecan pie. I recently bought a ham and carrots to go with our meal. Was hoping it would be an after baby joyous celebration for our small family. Instead it'll be a "come out Zoe!" meal. lol

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Tomorrow we are spending the day as a family, not going any where, and the only person who MAY come over is my dad (hes deer hunting in the area, then going to hang out at my sisters, do laundry, and watch foot ball till they get back from my mom's). We could go to my mom's, but its a 2+ hr drive and we arent ready to have Kellen in the car that long yet, and my step sister's son (the actual meal is at her house) has a cold, and I dont want to expose Kellen, let alone the other 3. Plus, I am so sick of constantly having simething that I have to do... I want a day to just be with my family of 6, and relax. We arent doing any sort of traditional turkey type dinner. Instead we are cooking each person their food of choice :-)Friday my mom is coming up and we will do lunch with her then. My sil is also supposed to be coming up, but she hasnt confirmed when. We are supposed to go shoppibg on saturday, but I havent heard back since asking that if anyone has any sort of a cold symptom that they not come, and telling her that Im not sure about shopping since Im still not all that comfortable having Kellen out, especially on a weekend where the mall is bound to be crazy. She did say something back about it not being as busy saturday, especially if we go a bit later. I dont know about that, I have a feeling that even if its not black friday that it will still be crazy all weekend. I would like to get some of my xmas shopping done with the sales, but Kellen has already been sick and in the hospital once... Not to mention that all 6 of us are finally all healthy (knock on wood!!!). I cant leave Kellen at home with ry yet. He doesnt like the one bottle we have, and I doubt that I could pump enough for a full feeding at this point. Plus, like I said, its been crazy around here ever since Kellen was born.

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We always meet my parents at Cracker Barrel for breakfast, then do a movie. This year DH and I are cooking just for our family. Then tomorrow my sis and her family are coming for brunch. Then we'll dig out our advent decorations. No Black Friday shopping this year, way too tired!

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today i am having my mom, sister, sisters hubby, and their baby over - my mom is making the turkey and we are having a few side dishes (my dad has to work, he works at a football stadium where the jets are playing), and sisters husbands family is celebrating thanksgiving this sunday because his mom is actually a nurse at the hospital in the labor and delivery area that i'm delivering out of and she has to work today! so we figured about a month ago they'd come up here just in case i had the baby so i wouldn't have to go out, i'm looking forward to it~!
and hopefully i will be having baby this weekend, too! Smile