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Weekly picture share

Share a pic of your belly or baby from this week

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I have been having trouble with photobucket working. So, am trying out a new site. Let me know what you think. If anyone else has a site suggestion let me know. Anyone else having trouble with photobucket?

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2 weeks ago at 37 weeks...

39 weeks...

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sorry so large!

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The littles Smile

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Had to share these 2 as well. First one is his first time taking a big boy bath without the newborn sling. He looks terrified lol and the second is him sleeping and his big sister giving him snuggles in the morning.

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OMG I could just eat these little babies up! I love them Smile Soooo cute.

Here is my 38 week belly shot:

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This picture is from Monday, 8 days old. You can see how purple his hands are, but overall his color is much better than before the hospital stay.

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Here is Bria at 9 1/2 weeks! My little peanut Smile 4lbs 5 oz!

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41+2 today.

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I love all of the pics! What good looking babies! and belly's!!!
Here is a couple from this week.
4 weeks Thanksgiving morning

3 weeks 4 days

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Uploaded from the Photobucket iPad App

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Not my best pictures but these are 38 weeks.

Here's a silly one with Kostas and my brother on Thanksgiving too (39 weeks)

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Here is me today at 40 weeks exactly:

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9 days