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weekly update 12/10 - 12/16

Baby name's:

Baby's age and birth date:

Update on baby:

Update on mommy:

Whats going on this week:

What are your holiday plans?

What is santa bringing?


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Baby's name: Kellen Isaac

Baby's age and birth date: 1 month, 3days... Or 4 weeks, 5 days depending on how you look at it... Nov. 7th

Update on baby: we finally found a nuk he'll take... Totally helping with the colic and gives me a bit of a rest, and able to get things done Smile Sunday he had his first big, on purpose smiles, when his sister was talking to him. He also cooed in response Smile

Update on mommy: Im doing good. I missed my antidepressant a couple days in a row and def noticed it yeaterday. I got extreamly down on myself, anxious and sad feeling, overly irritable, and just ugg. Im going to talk to my doc about it...

Whats going on this week: not much. Dh os back on overtime till christmas, which is good for our bank account, but taxing... Especially since he is working saturdays. Other than that, just the same onld daily grind.

What are your holiday plans: not a whole lot. My dad may becoming down and doing xmas with us the weekend before xmas. Then, spending time with my sister and her fam either xmas eve or day... I really want to go see les miserables, but we shall see. Then that following weekend will be xmas at my moms, and the first is xmas with DH's immidate fam. Plan on staying down there inbetween to cut back on traveling.

What is santa bringing: Ds1 is getting a remote control truck, and a game for the hand held thing his gma is getting, Ds2 is getting a city for his cars as well as a game (my mil is getting both boys the same game thing), Dd is getting a little people castle and some people for it, and Wee dude is hopefully getting the bestever giraffe and a floor mirror... We shall see Smile

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Baby name's: Marek

Baby's age and birth date: 4 days old, 12/7/12

Update on baby: He's doing really well. He is a waaaay more calm content baby than Kostas was. It is really nice. All we need to do is get the night time stuff worked out a little better...

Update on mommy: I'm kind of hitting an emotional bottoming out. I'm a *itchy, crying mess. I feel like I'm a such a mean mom to Kostas and then other people are really pissing me off too. Ugh. Hopefully it gets better soon.

Whats going on this week: We are headed to Anchorage to watch my sister play hockey this weekend and then we are headed home to SE AK on Monday.

What are your holiday plans? Kostas will be back in school for 4 days before Xmas break and DH will be working that week too so I think it is going to be a little crazy trying to get back to normal and get all the decorating, wrapping, baking done. The good thing is that DH is taking some more time off during Xmas break so it will be really nice to settle in for 2 weeks as a new family of 4.

What is santa bringing? I think we are getting Kostas roller hockey skates, gloves and a helmet. Marek... I don't know yet...

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Baby name's: Zoe

Baby's age and birth date: 11/27 - 2 weeks, 1 day

Update on baby: Had her 2 week appt yesterday. Up to 8 lbs, 11 oz (was 7, 12 at birth) and 20.5" (18.75" at birth)! Sadly she has her brother's nasty cold, so she is coughing and has congestion. Thankfully her lungs and ears were clear yesterday.

Update on mommy: Recovery is going great! Sadly I too got my son's cold! I feel like crap. Fun times. I am very grateful I got my placenta encapsulated. I was concerned I was going to get mastitis (had signs of it, but couldn't find the clogged milk duct) so I stopped taking it for 2 days. OMG the difference! I feel soooo much more emotionally balanced with them!

Whats going on this week: My husband is finishing up the last of his training tonight! He graduates Friday! This is the end of 2.5 years of training. VERY excited about that. I'd be more excited if I wasn't 2 weeks pp and if his gradation wasn't a formal event requiring a formal gown. Yeah, I'm totally wearing a maternity dress and saying screw it. I also have to bring Zoe, so I'm gonna stick out like a sore thumb. Blum 3 Trying to find a babysitter for my son but that's not going so well. If I don't find one I can't go to DH's graduation (no kids, Zoe is an exception being 2 weeks and EBF). Still hoping that I'm not sick then, but at this rate I'm not so positive. Ugh.

What are your holiday plans? Sitting at home doing nothing. Heck, we won't even change out of our PJs Christmas Day. :mrgreen:

What is santa bringing? Santa is bringing Zoe a plush toy on wheels. Aiden is getting a wood train set.

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Baby name's: Joshua

Baby's age and birth date: 1 week 5 days

Update on baby: had heart surgery on Monday, it went really well. Breathing tube came out yesterday. Chest tube should come out today and he is suppose to get a feeding tube right about now to start some breast milk.

Update on mommy: healing amazingly fast. I was discharged about 8 hours after having josh, and I have just been on the go since then. No time for PPD or a slow recovery I guess.

Whats going on this week: chest tube coming out, hopefully he tolerates eating and we can take out the tube and give him a bottle!

What are your holiday plans? Stay home

What is santa bringing? Hopefully Josh home for Christmas Smile

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Baby name's: Kyla Grace

Baby's age and birth date: 2 weeks and 2 days - November 27

Update on baby: Kyla is doing great! She sleeps great at night and has already gained 14 oz!

Update on mommy: I feel really good and happy!

Whats going on this week: Friday night my friends and I are going out for a Christmas dinner instead of exchanging gifts, then they are coming back to my house (so i don't have to be away from kyla too long) and we are watching Christmas movie classics having "light vanilla nog" instead of 'egg nog', and hanging out! I can't wait to put Kyla in a Christmas outfit for the occasion! Then Saturday i'm going to try baking some Christmas cookies!

What are your holiday plans? ^^^^ pretty much that - then Christmas day at my parents house.

What is santa bringing? Santa is bringing Kyla just a few things that she can play with when she starts playing with toys, i can't even remember, they were all wrapped before she was born LOL... a couple things i remember, that colorful ring stacker, this cute picnic basket that comes wtih shapes that you fit into the correct shaped hole... and a few more learning toys that she will probably start noticing around 3 months, i think i got her 3-6 month toys.

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Owen Benjamin
6 weeks-ish

He's doing well. Finally gaining weight and pooping now that he's taking formula (alternating BF and a bottle feed so far).
He has terrible cradle cap and his dark hair is falling out. He'll be blond too it looks like!

Had my PP check yesterday. Everything looks good and I have 30lbs to lose, ugh!

This week we are finishing up our homeschool for the semester. My daughter is dancing in the nutcracker and next week is production week. We'll do only math, grammar, and ballet all week!

We are staying home for the holidays. Ellie has chemo on Christmas Eve.my sisters will be in town. It will be nice to see them.

Owen is getting a play kitchen (so is Ellie) and a book and outfit. That's about it. Figure I will save the bucks while he doesn't care. Shopping is done. Thank goodness!

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Kier what kind of paci did you get? Gideon isn't really a fan of them but its the only thing that calms him during bad bouts of colic but that only lasts a few min before he spits them out. I can't find a single one he will actually take and keep when he is inconsolable Sad