weekly update 12/3 - 12/9 (pics)

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weekly update 12/3 - 12/9 (pics)

Formual or breast:
What do you have going on this week:
How is your christmas shopping coming?
Picture (baby or belly):

?Post partem?
Baby's name:
Baby's age:
Update on babybaby:
Update on mommy:

How many weeks are you:
Update from appt:
Update on mommy:

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Name: Jamie (and Owen)
Formual or breast: I thought EBF was finally going well, but I weighed him yesterday and after a week he had lost an ounce. Argh! We have a ped appt today, but I am pretty resigned to the fact that we will need to do both, for as long as my milk lasts.
What do you have going on this week:DH went back to work, so I am on my own! Hoping to catch up on some things.
How is your christmas shopping coming? Almost done
Picture (baby or belly):

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Baby's name:Owen
Baby's age: 4 weeks 6 day
Update on baby: feeding issues(see above), sleeping pretty well, doing fine otherwise!
Update on mommy:back to reality today, we'll see how it goes Smile

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Name: Kierstin

Formula or breast: breast

What do you have going on this week: Not much. Just the usual daily grind of taking care of the hooligans, house, and wee dude.

How is your christmas shopping coming: We have all but 1 gift for the exchanges the kids are in for our family christmas celebrations. Havent even really started on our own kids yet Sad


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Baby's name: Kellen

Baby's age: 3 weeks, 6 days

Update on baby: Hes doing well. Seems more content now that hes on meds for the acid reflux, but not 100%. Still having a lot of fussiness in the evening. But, i think thats pretty normal for babies. I think he will also be a lot more content once his eye sight develops more so he has more to look at.

Update on mommy: doing pretty well. Bleeding id pretty much done (knock on wood). Still having issues with my energy... Its just not up to par yet. Also, still having issues with bowls and bladder. Just painful, and still not feeling how full my bladder is.. If that makes sense? Gotta call and make my pp check up appt. Im glad I started antidepressants right away. I def feel some of my ppd symptoms I had after my last two, but not nearly as full blown as I would be not on them. Infact, besides sone irrirltability, and restlessness in the evening, its under control Smile

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Name: Jackie
Formual or breast: full time BFing
What do you have going on this week: My husband is gone, so my parents are here to help out for a few more days. Today we did the beach. Might go shopping with my mom tomorrow. Zoe is so easy going that I can pretty much do anything with her!
How is your christmas shopping coming? Completely done! Even have everything already wrapped.
Picture (baby or belly):
Went to the beach today!

Post partem
Baby's name: Zoe
Baby's age: 1 week today
Update on baby baby: She's doing fantastic! Sleeps well at night, has awake periods during the day, and doesn't cry much. Has become an excellent nurser.
Update on mommy: I'm feeling great! It's amazing the difference in recovery between my c/s and my VBAC - even with all the stitches I have down there. I do have a very, very active milk supply currently. I never really leaked with Aiden and tonight I went from dry to having a soaked shirt in 5 minutes - WITH bamboobies! Oy.

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Name: Nicky
Formual or breast:formula
What do you have going on this week: we had early intervention and OT come by on Monday, he had a follow up for ROP yesterday, 4 month check up today
How is your christmas shopping coming? haven't started
Picture (baby or belly): need to get some here

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Baby's name: Samuel
Baby's age:4 months and 3 days I thin
Update on babybaby: He is 11 pounds 2 ounces as of today. His ROP check up went well yesteray and the vessels are where they are suppose to be so we don't need to go back for 6 months and they will assess if he may need glasses. He's dealing with reflux. We had a little scare tody but all is well
Update on mommy: tired, tired, tired

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Name: Marissa
Formual or breast: Formula
What do you have going on this week: nothing much for the week, DH went back to work today and my mother has off the rest of the week so she will be coming over --Saturday is my cousins wife's baby shower and I am going! I am excited because i actually have an outfit that fits me (leggings so it stretches lol) and i'm wearing heels!!! i'm excited to get out of the house for a couple of hours but I will miss Kyla so much!
How is your christmas shopping coming? good, all i have to do is get a gift for my parents which shouldn't be too hard - i did all of the christmas shopping on my actual due date (i only had to shop for my 2 nieces and my friends son, my friends and family decided no gifts anymore, as it's too much and everyone has what they want/need, my friends and i just get together for dinner 1 night in december).
Picture (baby or belly):

?Post partem?
Baby's name: Kyla Grace
Baby's age: 8 days
Update on babybaby: baby is doing great! she sleeps fantastic at night time (with a little fussing, to be expected) and is finally starting to take more formula on somewhat of a schedule.
Update on mommy: i really feel great, every day i feel more like myself and i am happy - i worried so much about post partum depression and with the exception of crying a little bit every now and tehn (and DH annoying me for no reason lol) i'm rational enough to understand that this is normal, so i let it come and go and i feel happier than i have in a long time, i feel like this is what i've always wanted - also happy because i've lost half of the weight already, i didn't believe anyone when they told me it'd come off fast - don't know how fast the other half will come off, but i really don't even care - not as bad as i anticipated.

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sorry my pictures are so big all the time, i'm not computer savvy and i don't know any other way to upload - i'll figure it out one day.

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Name: Harmony
Formual or breast: breast
What do you have going on this week: church tonight, eye doctor appt for DD tomorrow, trying to get M to sleep in the co-sleeper for longer than 5 minutes at a time (if you have ideas, please share!)
How is your christmas shopping coming? pretty much all done!
Picture (baby or belly): first bath

?Post partem?
Baby's name: Micah
Baby's age: 3 weeks 3 days
Update on babybaby: my sweet quiet baby has learned how to cry Blum 3 It could be thrush (see below) or he might have the same dairy sensitivity that DD had, or it could be a growth spurt, or any number of other things. But his body temp is much improved and I think he's growing well (hasn't been weighed in a while)
Update on mommy: I feel all recovered, though my body still protests if I do too much. Nursing was still painful at 3 weeks, so we went to a LLL meeting. Diagnosis was 1) baby's mouth too small for a very deep latch and 2) early stage thrush. I came home and treated with grapefruit seed extract. 24 hours (and three treatments) later and the pain is largely gone. Will continue to treat for the next few weeks. Still need to decide if we're going to treat M... when DD and I had thrush, she turned into a nightmare child on nystatin. But if he's fussy because of the thrush, I don't want to do nothing... and recent study linked gentian violet to cancer, so I'm hesitant to use that on him... But at least nursing is no longer painful. Smile

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What I did when Ds1 and I got thrush was to get some shaklee pre and probiotics as well as their garlic pill. I put the prebiotic in my milk, and took the pills. This helped my nipples and DS1 because it went into my milk. The probiotic is a little pearl looking thing. I also took one, got it wet and made it into a paste, put it on my nipple and had DS1 nurse it off when he nursed (all of this was just once a day). Both of us were thrush free by day 2 Smile

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Name: Tiffany
Formual or breast: breast only
What do you have going on this week: I am power of attorney for my grandmother and there is always drama there so lots of bank stuff and her memory care facility stuff and tomorrow her eye glasses. Tomorrow night we have a xmas party at a Portuguese hall ( Portuguese xmas party) and that will be Cristiano's debut to the extended family and friends, DH is in a car club and Saturday is the car club xmas party.
How is your christmas shopping coming? Almost done and still have a few more things to wrap, but it's all the small stuff. Got nieces and nephews those beanie hats that are monsters or some animal and so I have to individually wrap all of those which is a PITA lol!
Picture (baby or belly):Smiley guy Smile

This was this week because he keeps his head up for long periods now

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Baby's name: Cristiano
Baby's age:6 weeks today
Update on babybaby: He is probably 10lbs now!! Super nurser. It can get overwhelming as the last 2 days he wants to eat every 2 hours. I feel like my breasts don't even fill up. Worried he is hungry but his weight speaks otherwise. He is starting to coo a little and very smiley! He loves to look up at our ceiling fan in our bedroom and coo at it and smile! So cute!
Update on mommy: Well I think I got the baby blues this time around. Managed to escape it with the first 2 kids but I feel it now. Had my first post partum Tuesday and she said it does seem like it so she put me on meds. I was on meds a couple years ago but I fell into depression because my older brother died and my mom right after so who wouldn't. I'm trying to get back into exercising, especially running since I'm a runner. I've ran once and it felt amazing! But to get on that treadmill is what doesn't seem fun. I'm kind of a hermit, and not wanting to elave the house or do anything which is part of the blues so hoping to see a difference in the next couple weeks. And I will make myself run today Smile I can't go fast, I still have issues with my incision but it finally closed up this last week but doc found a huge ball of scar tissue under it so once it doesn't hurt anymore I need to massage it to try to break the tissue down.

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Name: Tiffany
Formual or breast: Formula because he is colicky and has a protein allergy like his big sis
What do you have going on this week: Had his 2 month checkup a week early and he got his shots and he handled them like such a big boy for a 2 month old
How is your christmas shopping coming? It's not lol. We are on a tight budget this year so we are making most of our gifts
Picture (baby or belly):

?Post partem?
Baby's name:Gideon Maxwell
Baby's age: 7 weeks
Update on babybaby: he's doing ok. still spitting up and they are keeping a close eye on his growth. even though I was made to have a c section because of his size they are saying he is not growing at the proper rate. he started out way up there and now he is in the 25% for weight and 5% for height and that's down from the 80%'s for weight and I'm not sure for height
Update on mommy: I'm doing fine. Had to reschedule my post partum check twice now cause my doc had emergencies so hopefully get checked out and given the ok for any kind of exercise and diet.

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I caught this yesterday Smile

I think its because he was about to poop and soiled his jammies there.