Weight and other updates

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Weight and other updates

Amaris was 8 15 at birth, 8 4 when we left the hospital, 7 11 at 3 days old (although the ped's scale seems to be about 4 oz less then the hospital) and 7 14 at one week old. After her one week check, they had me go to a LC at the hospital. She weighed her before and after nursing and she only took in a little less then a n ounce. However, she had just nursed 30 minutes before that so I don't think it was super accurate. They figured that her bad latch wasn't letting her empty my breasts so my milk had decreased. So I started drink nursing time tea and pumping several times a day. My poor nipples finally started to heal so nursing wasn't so excruciating. Friday, I was feeling pretty good and Amaris had done pretty good with nursing. I went to the bathroom and ***TMI*** when I went to wipe, I felt something. I got a hand mirror and saw something bulging. I freaked and yelled for DH. My doc's office closed at noon so we went to urgent care. They diagnosed me with a uterine prolapse. The doc there said it would probably require surgery. They also found I had mastitis which I had kind of suspected. I lost it after she walked out. I felt so overwhelmed and all I could think about was how surgery would further impede nursing. I hated to think I had delivered all 6 kids vaginally only to have to have surgery after all. I broke down and had DH call my OB on her cell (she gave me her # to call if I went into labor but I had never used it). DH told her what was going on and she said not to stress. She said the fact I had had 6 kids and that Amaris had come so fast, both contributed to the prolapse and that it wasn't super uncommon in women who've had a lot of babies. She said she'd never do surgery on a woman who had just given birth. She told me to do kegels 10x a day and that she'd recheck it at my 6 week checkup. I felt so much better! By Friday night, it had already improved.
For the last few days, Amaris has finally decided she likes to nurse and will do so every 2-3 hours during the day now. Her latch is much better too. I took her back in for another weight check today and she was up to 8.2. I was really hoping for 8.4 but at least she gained! They're happy she gained but she's still got a ways to go to get back to her birth weight. So, we have to go back yet again next week. I'm just ready for normalcy. My pregnancy and her delivery were so easy. I guess I'm making up for it now! I really think she'd on the upswing though with nursing. Just praying she continues to gain and that she doesn't get thrush from my antibiotic! Thanks for letting me get all that out. It's been a really emotional week. Thankfully, snuggling my sweet girl makes me feel better Smile

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Im sorry that you have had to go throuvh all of this it sounds like its all turning out ok though Smile All 3 of my kids had issues with losing and regaining weight. Its not uncommon, especially with breastfed babies. I think doctors put too much stock into books and what they say is 'normal' and 'ok', and forget that each child, how they grow, ans work through things, in their own way. If
shes happy, not lethargic, her soft spot isnt sunken in, and all that, I wouldnt worry too much Smile

I hope that you both continue to improve, and that things get easier from here on out

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Aw (((huge hugs)))! That sounds like a lot to get told and deal with in one shot. I have seen quite a few moms on various boards here on pg.org that have had various prolapses soon after giving birth that resolved without surgery fairly soon PP. I hope that will be you too!

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:grouphug: How stressful! And yes, you're right that weighing her by how much she gained when she had just nursed 30 minutes prior is not accurate. Also, one nursing session doesn't dictate how much milk a EBF baby is getting in 24 hours. ((hugs)) Sounds like she's doing just fine to me now! I got mastitis at just shy of 2 weeks with my son. NOT FUN. Soooo sorry you have this! Sad We managed to avoid thrush thankfully. Do note you can take probiotics to help ward that off. Some are okay for newborns, but I don't have that information on me to share.
And yeah, I'd probably feel overwhelmed and panicked like you if I had a uterine prolapse!
The weeks after birth are crazy enough as it is without all those issues you've had! I hope it's smooth sailing from here on out!!!

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I'm sorry that sounds so stressful. I'm glad that Amaris is gaining weight again and looks like things maybe heading in the right direction for you.

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I'm so glad it looks like things are already progressing and that your OB was able to be so helpful to you. Thats wonderful. And yeah for Ms. Amaris gaining some of that weight back.

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Oh wow, I would have freaked if I felt something bulging like that! Hopefully the kegels will do the trick. Sounds like Amaris is doing well-so glad her latch is better and you're not hurting like you were before!

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I had a prolapse with my first. It's one of the reasons I have had c/sections since. I was able to get it back in place by working with a PT specializing in the pelvic floor. Might look into it?!

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:lurk: Just wanted to let you know... I've had prolapse (the tip of my cervix) after all three of my last births. It was the worst with my 3rd birth, and just very slight with numbers 4 and 5. Anyway, they have always self corrected as my muscles have regained strength after birth. My 6 weeks pp all is completely normal again. I hope you can avoid surgery!