Went in today for pain, pressure, and cramping

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Went in today for pain, pressure, and cramping

Last night I started having BH's on the way home from a movie with my mom and the kids. I have been having pain and pressure in my pelvis/vaginal area for a while now, but that got worse too. Then, I started having diarrhea (tmi, sorry). I called the clinic, but my regular OB was out. Luckily I was able to leave a message for the other OB at the clinic. They called back and had me rest the rest of the night, and drink as much water as possible. If anything got worse through the night then I was supposed to go in. Other than that, if the symptoms were still there in the morning then I was to call my regular OB.

So, this morning I was feeling better, but again, the pressure got worse and I was having BH's as well as tightening in my pelvis. I called, and they got me in right away. Unfortunately I had to drag all 3 kiddos in with me. They were fine in the waiting room, right up to when the Dr. called us back. Then DS2 threw a tantrum. Great way to start it off. The kids were loud, and having trouble listening the whole time we were back in the room. I was so mad. In there defence, it was lunch and getting to be nap time when we went in, but still. Any way. They had me give a urine sample, checked the baby's heart beat, felt my belly, and checked to see if I was dilating. Luckily my cervix looked great. Nice and thick, and shut. Baby also looked great. They still hadnt had the labs back, but sent me home, told me to rest, keep pushing fluids, etc. The doctor said that its probably just a combo of my digestive track being irritated, the heat, and this being my 4th. They did call a couple of hours later and let me know that I did infact have a UTI and that they had faxed a script for some meds into the pharmacy.

Right now I am breathing a sigh of relief. I can handle a UTI. I am still able to hold out hope that my pre term contractions wont hit this pregnancy the way they did with the other 3. Fingers crossed.

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Glad everything was ok!

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Hopefully the UTI was the cause of many of your issues. I've heard that it can have odd symptoms in pregnant women.

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Ive heard the same thing! Especially with the cramping and pressure! Im glad that they got everything figured out!! I feel your pain about having to bring kiddos to the doc with you for sure!! Not fun especially when you are worried about the baby!

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phew, you must be exhausted!
well i am glad it was only a UTI, but i'm sorry you had to go through that

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I am glad everything turned out o.k.

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Glad you went in and they are treating the UTI now! I went in last week with left side pain (ususally I don't jump at evey pain or anything) but this seemed significant enough and off an on BH too. Anyways, I had to see a different doctor and had to wait forever and then it was just a waste of time. Felt like a idiot being this is my 3rd child. Whatever, It was not round ligament pain, I have that periodically as well and I can say it wasn't that. IT was more constant with waves of being worse. Now periodically it feels like ovarian pain.

Anyways, glad you went in and everything is okay with the baby!!!!

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I'm glad it was just a UTI and not anything more serious. I hope the pain eases for you.

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I'm so glad it was only a UTI in combination with irritation from the bowels. I hope its better soon. Stay away pre-term contractions.

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So glad that all is ok with you and baby, even if the UTI is a (literal) pain. Hope the meds bring you some relief soon and all those symptoms ease up!! Rest is such a luxury these days and feels oh so good, so I hope you are getting a ton Smile

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I had a UTI last week and couldn't figure out why I was feeling so much pressure down there either. But mine doesn't sound like it was as painful as your's had become. I am just glad they were able to diagnose your's and hopefully that will get your feeling better. I noticed that when I had mine, I had ALOT of BHs too, but now that I have finished the antibiotic everything seems to have gone back to normal.

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I've been having a lot of BH's today too. Its really very uncomfortable... and no I'm not dehydrated I'm just having them for some unexplicable reason. I haven't had any for about a month though so I guess if they only come once a month or so I can live with that.

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Thanks everyone. I am starting to feel a bit better. Have spent today and yesterday resting as much as I could with 3 kids Wink
Robin~ How are you feeling now? Did they test you for a UTI?
Claire~ I'm glad that things have gotten better for you. Its good to hear that someone else had the same type of thing and that the antibiotics cleared everything up Smile
Erin~ once a month isnt too bad, hoping that they stay that way for a while Wink

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Glad they got it figured out and gave you the meds you need!

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oh my gosh, I am glad it was nothing more serious.

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Glad all is well!