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What do you think?

We just moved to Texas in January and my DH's insurance with his new job became effective April 1st. I called and made an appt with a new ob/gyn last week. They scheduled me for April 20th. They sent me the paperwork to fill out and it is already back to them. In the paperwork, I made sure to note that I had complications with HELLP syndrome when I had my DS, although it did not happen until 39 weeks.

Now I'll get to the point! Biggrin I am wondering if I should call them to make sure that my paperwork has been reviewed and that I don't need to be seen sooner than the 20th. I have read that there is only about a 20% chance if it occurring in subsequent pregnancies, but that any subsequent pregnancy is usually considered high risk. Not sure If I should ask to be seen sooner or just be patient and not worry so much! It's also hard when you're dealing with a new OB office.

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I'm not familiar with HELLP syndrome, but I would think calling them couldn't hurt - it's very possible they won't look over your paperwork until a few days before your appointment and if you have any concerns they should be addressed. The worst they can tell you is that they can't see you until the 20th might as well call and see if you can get a sooner appointment - sometimes they have a cancellation list they can put you on.

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I agree with Angela. It can't hurt to call. If nothing else it will put your mind at ease.

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Alot of drs wont schedule your appt till your 10 weeks, or just about. A lot of that has to do with the fact that most mis carriages happen before then (and there isnt much they can do about it) and because the baby isnt big enought to hear on doppler. I would think you will be ok till then. What I know about HELLP it doesnt affect people till later on. And, in your first trimester there arent many meds they can give you any way. I say call, it doesnt hurt. If anything, making sure they are aware of your history, is important. Also, they may want to schedule you for a U/S for your first appointment, and that may change how much time they need (depending on if the dr. does the U/S themselves, or if its at another location).