What an exhausting day!

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What an exhausting day!

I'm beginning to really dread going to appointments. Sad Just thought I'd rant a little.

I had a pap today and my nurse practitioner brought in a doppler with her, I was super excited because even though I heard the heart beat at 7wks (even if it was only for a few seconds via internal u/s) I hadn't gotten a rate for it. I figured 11 almost 12 weeks there's got to be a good hb by now right? Apparently wrong. She couldn't find one and looked super worried, she kept saying "I know I felt that you have a big uterus..." and after 5 minutes of searching she just decided to go get the portable u/s machine and left the room. I almost broke into tears thinking the worst, after a few minutes she came back with the machine and after only a minute of searching had the baby on the screen. The baby was kicking away and did have a heartbeat (though I only got to see it not hear it), but it seems like every appointment I go to is almost a mini crisis. I was happy to see that eveything was ok and the baby actually looked like a baby now. Also the baby is on the left side of my uterus and that's where I've been feeling "movement" so I guess the movement is really the baby and not something else. I know I need to just relax and realize that this is happening and everything will be fine but it's hard. They did move my EDD up by a few days from the 29th to the 27th but I know when I O'd (because it was via trigger shot) so I'm sticking with 11/29.

On my way home, I was stopped at a stop sign with a cattle truck in front of me. They were pulled out too far and had to back up so another truck could turn down the road we were on. I guess the driver didn't see my car because he backed right into me. It was super scary, I tried to put my car in reverse and slammed on my horn so hopefully he would hear me at least but I wasn't fast enough and now my 2008 Elantra is busted up. Sad

I had a sad stressful day.

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Oh no! That's awful your car is busted. Sad

And why in the world are they changing your due date by two days? There is zero reason for that. ((hugs)) hopefully your next appt will be boring! Do you know if perhaps you have an anterior placenta? Placenta noises can disguise a heartbeat, especially of the baby is moving around or has his/her back facing out.

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yeah, visits to the doctor can often be stressful. sorry that your appointment wasn't so great but at least you were able to see the baby moving around on the screen! that's a relief!

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@Jackie - Ive had 3 u/s now and they haven't said anything about an anterior placenta to me yet so I'm not sure if its that way. My next appointment is in 4 weeks so if they don't get a bb with a rippled at that one I'll ask. I'm kinda glad I didn't waste my money on a home doppler now.

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I'm pretty convinced that my placenta is anterior because of how loud those noises are, and how hard it is to find a heart beat. It seems that when they are able to find the baby its consistently on the left side. Also, I've felt movements every now and then (nothing thats made me go "oh, that was DEFINITELY a kick... more like rolling, and little flutters) and they tend to be on my left side. At this stage in our pregnancy the baby isnt really all that big yet... and has lots of cushion from amniotic fluid, placenta, etc. that can make it easy for it to hide. Thats what I keep reminding myself... and why I've just given up on my doppler lol. I'm glad that you and the baby are doing well, even if that idiot f'd up your car Sad

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Oh man that really stinks about your car!!! I think that 11 to 12 weeks is kind of early to find the heartbeat. My doc didnt even try until amodt 14 weeks! Try not to let it get you down girl!

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Big hugs to you after such a stressful day. Crossing my fingers that your car is easily (and hassle-free) repaired and that the remaining of you ob appts are easy peasy.

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That stinks! What a stressful day! I had a quick u/s at 14 weeks and I do have an anterior placenta. I had suspected it since the placenta noise was so loud. It's a lot easier to find my LO's heart beat when it's on the side. Hope your car gets fixed quickly!