what are you looking forward to...

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what are you looking forward to...

about not being pregnant? Besides the excitement of your new LO Wink

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Losing weight and being able to take whatever medications I want when I'm sick!

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No more gagging in the mornings! And a bit more time between bathroom visits (hopefully). And no more back and hip pain... I hope.

(But overall I can't complain. All of those are minor things.)

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-Having coffee and the occasional glass of wine
-Having fish every now and then
-no more bleeding/swollen gums Sad

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You're not eating fish? Why?

Right now I'm looking forward to enjoying a small glass of wine while I stuff and fold cloth diapers. Ha!
I have no doubt that Aiden is *really* looking forward to me being able to bend over without pain and get on the floor with him to play the way he wants to play!
Really can't wait to say good bye to heart burn!!!!

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Oh, I totally forgot about this one: I've been craving deli meat for months now. I think I'm going to gorge myself after he's born! Lol

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~being able to pick my kids up, keep up with them, go for walks with them, and so on
~being able to bend over, or squat, to pick things up without getting a sharp shooting pain, or contractions
~sleeping, or even just laying, on my belly in general
~being able to get comfortable in geberal
~bowel and urinary tract returning to "normal"
~being able to walk without getting zingers, or contractions
~having full lung capasity back
~end to heart burn (please)
.... Oh man, I could go on and on. I love that Im pregnant, I am really trying to enjoy this pregnancy as much as I can dince ita looking to be my last... I am justso getting ready to be done, and have my body somewhat back to myself... If you know what I mean

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Sleeping on my stomach.
Eating pasta.
Not being winded anymore from just walking upstairs (I hate this part!)
Just feeling more like myself, less emotional, more in control

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Being able to keep up with and play with my boys again!

No more painful swelling in my feet, ankles, and hands - and getting my rings back on!

Getting back into my running routine and back to some yoga.

(TMI?) Not having to struggle to wipe in the bathroom for reaching around my belly - I mean, seriously?? ha!

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Can't wait to lose weight and feel motivated- I feel so self conscious/ugh about myself right now
Want to go lay in a tanning bed (haha so stupid, I'm pretty sure I have SADD and could really use like 5 minutes of light right now!)
To lay on my back/sit down w/o having my lungs crushed and not being able to breathe
To eat w/o having massive acid reflux haha
Not be in pain!! My rib is being SOOO tortured!!!

I feel guilty, im drinking coffee and eat deli meats

Oh and Erin- I hear ya on the wiping- haha- umm WAY TMI BUT- I feel like my .. uh.. rear.. has grown so big that it's harder to wipe, I honestly take a shower almost everytime I "go to the bathroom" to make sure I'm cleaned. hahahaha. its sad.

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"alwayssmile" wrote:

You're not eating fish? Why?

yea, i know i'm being overly cautious - i've even read in the pregnancy books and websites what fishes i can eat and all of that, but for some reason it just still worries me, i know i could be measuring it out and all... i figure i've come this far without it so i'll just go the rest of the way and enjoy the hell out of it on Christmas Eve! (well before Christmas eve too but my Mom makes the best fish dinners for christmas eve lol)

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let's see:
*walking without getting out of breath
*being able to sit on a couch and feel comfortable rather than stuffed to the gills
*sleeping again (oh wait...)
*yes, losing weight (although it was hard for me the first time)
*not having to take zantac and tums all the time!

but honestly, i am still happy to be pregnant in some ways. i like having the little guy inside me and moving around. i like the sensations. i do feel sad because i have not paid as much attention to his movements like i did with my first.

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Walking wihtout feeling like an eighty year old woman hobbling along and out of breath.
Sleeping comfortably on my belly.
Being able to cross my legs.
My "Meet the Baby Shower"
Being able to sit down and not have help back up
Wearing normal shoes that aren't slip ons
Losing weight
No more heartburn
Not running to the bathrooom what feels like eighteen times an hour.

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-Non pregnant sex!!
-Being on maternity leave
-Having my pelvis be back to its normal self
-Losing weight

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Non pregnant sex!!! good one!!! agreed!