Where did my energy go.... oh yeah...

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Where did my energy go.... oh yeah...

to my uterine dwelling sea monkey Wink ugg. I have been feeling so exhausted the last few days. Today the kids and I spent the majority of the morning outside, and then came in around 10. I put a movie on that the boys really wanted to watch and laid down on the couch to rest a bit... and promptly fell asleep. I actually plan on laying back down (just got the kids down for a nap) and crashing again. I just have NO energy. I would really like to take the kids to the fair when we get done with our Chiro and hair appts this afternoon, but then again, it sounds like a lot of work. Whatever happened to the 2nd trimester hunny moon???

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I know what you mean! I hope you find some energy soon. I have been feeling the same way! I have been coming home from work and crashing. It takes everything in me to make dinner, clean up, and spend time with DS/DH. I just want to lay on the couch or sleep in my bed. I have been going to bed while it's still light outside! Last night I couldn't even bring myself to eat dinner. I made it for them and then went to lay on the couch and then I went upstairs and fell asleep while I was tucking DS into bed. I then moved to my bed around 9ish...
And just a quick rant: I am so sick of throwing up! I threw up 4 different times this morning. 1)when I got out of bed 2) when I was brushing my teeth 3) driving to work 4) a 2nd time driving to work and that was after I had taken the Zofran. I kept throwing it up and having to take more but I finally got it to stay down. Ugh! This baby is going to kill me!

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I have been extremely tired as well. I think its a combo of the heat and then having to get up so many times during the night. I was just telling my co-worker that I really needed a nap.

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I have also been very tired this week - i get up, eat breakfast, and want to go right back to sleep!!! and i haven't been getting sick because Thank God, ive been blessed and haven't had it too bad with getting sick - but i have felt a little queasy this week and HORRIBLE gas pains today! phew!

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Yep. I never got my babymoon either. Ugh. So tired!

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I've decided that tired takes on a whole new level when you're caring for kids while pregnant. I'm sure most jobs qualify for this as well! I had a lot more energy with my son when I needed it, but I wasn't working after 12 weeks due to moving and I wasn't' caring for other kids either. This time I plan rest periods in my day!!!

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I hear ya! I have had zero motivation lately. I keep thinking I'd have more energy if I went for a walk or did something but I can't get the energy up to do it. Hoping it comes back soon!